King of Heart Wednesday 16th March 2022 On Zee World

King of Heart Wednesday 9th March 2022 On Zee world
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King of Heart Wednesday 16th March 2022 On Zee World: The Episode begins with Judge is going to give his decision on Dhruv’s homicide case. Gangu Tai comes there and says I am the killer. Satya says Aayi. Mahi asks what are you talking about? Payal in burqa looks on stunned as her arrangement have fizzled. Gangu Tai tells Judge that Dhruv was her child and she killed him with her hands. She says I brought forth a creature and not a human, I needed to stop him.

She requests that he leave Satya and says he is honest. Satya says he is my Aayi and that is the reason deceiving save me. He lets Judge know all confirmations and witnesses are against him, and requests that Gangu Tai reclaim her words. Gangu Tai tells that she is tolerating this and requests that Judge rebuff her. Satya asks Gangu Tai not. Judge asks do you concur that you have submitted this homicide. Gangu Tai says OK.

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Judge requests that Constables take her. Woman constables capture Gangu Tai. Satya requests that they leave his Aayi and looks on. Payal is irate and eliminates cover from her face.

Mahi requests that Satya pay attention to her, similarly as he leaves court. Payal asks how might this be occur. Satya asks Mahi, why she brought his Aayi here. Mahi says she was demanding her to bring. Satya won’t really accept that her and says he won’t ever pardon her.

King of Heart Wednesday 16th March 2022 On Zee World: Payal gets back home and tells that discipline will be extreme. Satya requests that she help his mum remove from this charges and prison. He requests that she employ best attorney and says he will get the cash. Mahi says I conversed with best legal counselor and will get her out.

Satya is furious with her and says you have done as of now what you needed to do. Payal grins. Mahi cries and says she don’t have the foggiest idea what to do? She says Satya is annoyed with me, I need Aayi to escape prison, and he isn’t getting me. Dida requests that she converse with Satya and persuade him. Mahi says I will get Aayi emerged from prison.

Satya converses with Lawyer and requests that he follow through with something and free his mum..Lawyer says she has acknowledged to have done wrongdoing without help from anyone else. Mahi comes to Satya and holds his hand. Satya requests that she leave his hand and breaks pot furiously

Mahi requests that he pay attention to her once. They see slug in the pot. Satya says how would this be able to be within the realm of possibilities as one slug was shot. Payal likewise ends up seeing this, and figures they will know reality. A fb is shown, Payal shot Dhruv and killing him, when Gangu Tai likewise shoots him. She then, at that point, pay-offs Inspector and gets gun traded. Fb closes. Payal figures they can’t contact me.

Satya tells Mahi that Khan Bhai will help us. They come to the police headquarters. Payal converses with Mrs. Khanna who welcomes her for adventure. Payal says she is occupied today and says she will meet her tomorrow. She converses with Lawyer. Legal counselor tells her that Gangu Tai will be moved to focal prison and afterward she will pass on there in seven days. He requests that she start plan B then, at that point.

Satya shows the slug and report to Khan bhai, who he had saved the earlier day from hooligans. Khan Bhai actually takes a look at the projectile and furthermore scientific report. He says there was two weapons and the projectile was fired from other firearm which eliminated Dhruv. Satya and mahi are stunned.

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Satya says I was unable to comprehend what you are talking about? Khan Bhai says I am certain that this shot was not discharged from that weapon and educates Satya regarding the seller who probably sold this projectile. Satya says I will go now itself. He says thanks to Khan Bhai and requests that he call him assuming he wants anything.

He advises Inspector that he needs to meet Gangu Tai. Assessor says she is moved to Central prison on hand. Mahi and Satya are stunned.

King of Heart Wednesday 16th March 2022 On Zee World: Vendor checks the slug and says this projectile was brought from me as it were. Satya asks javed Bhai, the vendor to tell who was that individual. Javed Bhai says she was a lady. Mahi says the lady may be in the house that time. Satya asks javed Bhai, assuming he will recognize the lady seeing her pic. Javed Bhai says OK. Mahi says gives up and bring the pics. Payal is remaining there and looks on.

Satya lets Inspector know that he is certain that somebody is catching his Aayi, and shows the other shot. He says this projectile is brought by a lady from Javed Bhai. He shows the pic without seeing Payal’s photograph. Monitor (bad) sees Payal and is stunned.


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