Kundali Bhagya 24th November 2021 Written Episode

This Is Fate Tuesday 21st December
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Kundali Bagya 24th November 2021 :Prince was worried about lightning and even Dadi exclaimed he felt truly tense by lightning, even Rakhi agreed to him that he also felt something wrong would happen, Karina questioned what they both talked about because there was nothing wrong with it, Sonakshi stood up Worried about the lighting that was outside while in fact he was a real storm that would not be calm until he was given a decent right in this house.

Preeta wondered if Mr. Rishab Jee and Sherlin had not ended until now when he would ask Sherlin why Rishab Jee was so worried and even Sherlin didn’t go down, he thought of going alone, Sonakshi wondered what happened pre-worry, Sonakshi asked Why was he so worried asking if something had happened, but Preela answered her worried because Karan hadn’t returned and there was a severe enhancer, Pihu came to say that he felt cold from night, Karina said that the honeymoon period was now over so she had to take care of His daughter when he felt cold from the night, Sonakshi exclaimed Preela would have many things o He could take care of Pihu so call him but Pihu refused,

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Dadi also stopped him that he was the mother of Pihu and had the responsibility to care for him so he could not escape from him, Rakhi stands why ma ma A jee scolded Preura like that she was a mistake because she just went down when Pihu fell asleep, Preela answered he would have woken up after lightter, Karina once again called out this was not a reason but Rakhi asked Preela to take the Pihu above if there was nothing wrong, this was a member Karina and Dadi, Karina After leaf Preeta asked Rakhi why he always defended Prteeta, Rakhi answered he could not understand why Karina always scolded him even when he did not make mistakes.

Rishab in the room questioned Sherlin said that because the child he would see if he was fine, he had a place in his heart because of the child and for whom his family had a lot of hope, he asked who his father, Sherlin tried to explain that he was the Father, but Rishab answered he only saw a lie in his eyes and it was a mistake on his part but he would reveal the truth,

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Kundali Bagya 24th November 2021 : Sherlin tried to explain that someone had told him the wrong story, Rishab called out he would now reveal his dialogue and revealed how he called out he just loved Prithvi and did not praise -The point, Rishab asked how stubborn him, he explained that he heard him from his own eyes and called Mehta Sahab, he after only two minutes revealed the whole truth about how he nervously tried to help Prithvi. He was amazed by his capitaut that decided to call a lawyer to the house, he would call him when Sherlin destroyed the cellphone asking if he needed confession, he called out that he was a liar.

Pihu apologized to Preeta, who asked why he said this, Pihu explained he was scolded because he was but Preela explained that they were the elders and just trying to improve, Pihu asked Preeta to sing when he was young he was a father who would sing it so he would sing Can sleep, Preeta started singing the song, massaging the heads so he could sleep, he lay beside him in bed looked at him with emotions who loved his daughter very much.

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Kundali Bagya 24th November 2021 :Karina in a confused room Bhabhi had done a truly wrong, mentioning she always defended Prteeta, Dadi asked her to let her because she knew that Rakhi really cared for Preela, Sonakshi brought a glass of water for Rakhi, he really cared for Preeta and could even contrary to his legs

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