Kundali Bhagya November 16th 2021 Written Episode

This Is Fate Wednesday 17th November 2021
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Kundali Bhagya November 16th 2021 Written Episode:Prithvi locked in a prison cell with a guard standing in front of him, Prithvi after looking here and there, calling Mr. Bhalla from behind asked for permission with just one phone call but the police did not listen, Prithvi asked what the problem he would return the cellphone and could not even grabbed Because he was locked up, the police warned him to go and sit in the corner, Prithvi asked why they treated him like this because he had something they did not have, he could fill their bags with money, he asked them to let him go because he would give them All, but the police looked at him, Prithvi in ​​anger exclaimed that his condition was because of Preura, he cursed him and his curse would confirm his life in the ruins, the police question why did he shout because this made it difficult to stand here.

Kundali Bhagya November 16th 2021 Written Episode:Prithvi exclaimed today is Diwali and even wants to celebrate and have fun, someone handed over a box of sweets, Prithvi exclaimed them to their senses. Sherlin asked him to forget that he was Prithvi Malhotra because he was an ordinary man behind cells, Prithvi agreed, and they both gave each other’s sweets.

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Sherlin assured him he would talk to the lawyer tomorrow and made him released, he explained how he had to leave because no one knew he came to meet him, he explained he would reveal the news because this would calm him down, he explained how he got him injured at Diwali and Preeta’s party Scolded for it, Prithvi in ​​the excitement mentioned it all happened for good because Preura relented him.

Preeta together with Karan walked into the room when he was sleeping, Preura massaged his forehead apologized to Pihu when he was injured because of him, Karan asked him not to worry because it was a small injury and asked Preela to come to have to sleep.

Kundali Bhagya November 16th 2021 Written Episode:Preeta stood up but then felt Dizziness, Karan managed to arrest him to question what had happened, he saw the hands of Preela burned, Karan called Ganesh and Rishab but no one listened to himself while Sonakshi followed them, Sherlin thought what happened when Karan did not know that Preela’s condition was because Sonakshi, what His relationship with anything.

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Karan sat behind, asking Sonakshi to drive quickly because Preeta didn’t realize, but he didn’t drive quickly but then Karan once again insisted, Sonakshi was forced to agree even when he didn’t want, Prean, Karan) reply that he took him to the hospital Because he was sick and he needed to hear it from the doctor’s mouth that he was fine, otherwise he would not be relieved but Preela insisted unnecessary because he had to return home but Karan insisted on taking him to the hospital,

Sonakshi also slowed the car that was worried about Karan He asked Sonakshi not to listen to whatever Preela said when they would go to the hospital, Karan said he was really worried about Preela and loved him, Sonakshi was really angry at the two of them and deliberately stopped the car, Karan asked him to be careful Because this means that he pushes so recklessly so it must be careful, Sonakshi looked at them both shouting at the hospital. has arrived.

Karan is with Preeta at the clinic when the doctor came apologizing for late since he came home, Preela convinced there was nothing to worry about because he was just too protective about him, he was tired of excessive workload because of his functions.

and even his daughter was injured because of the crackers, Karan replied that their daughter was fine but she no longer trusted Preela with her health because she didn’t care about anything

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