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Lock Down Love Story update Saturday 19th March 2022

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022
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Lock Down Love Story update Saturday 19th March 2022: The Episode begins with Dhruv requesting that Sonam leave. He packs her things and tosses the sack. Sonam looks on. Dheeraj says when everybody is helping other people in crown emergency, you are resolute to make her out. Dhruv says crown doesn’t make any difference to her, she was involving it in her arrangement. He requests that Sonam leave. Sonam petitions Devi Maa for help. She stands crying. Dhruv says this petitions and all sometimes fall short for you, get out. He holds her hand and takes her out. Smooth grins. Shashi comes before Dhruv and stops him.

He says Sonam will not go anyplace. Dhruv says she will go out. Shashi takes the sack from his hand. Nutan becomes furious and asks did you go distraught, what’s left presently, what’s passed on to find in this young lady’s personality now. She requests that Dhruv make her out. Shashi says I have seen everybody’s personality, I have said it, Sonam will not go.

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Lock Down Love Story update Saturday 19th March 2022: Nutan says Sonam will go. Shashi says you and your child can’t choose everything, others likewise live in this house. Nutan says nobody needs her to remain here, with the exception of you. She requests that everybody say who needs Sonam to remain back. Dhruv goes to see. Nutan says its pin drop quiet, did you see. Shashi says I need Sonam to remain here till the lockdown. Dheeraj and Ankita not. Nutan says you have seen what everybody needs, everybody needs Sonam to take off from this house. Sheetal says right, Sonam is a liar, she terrified the family, who will keep her home. Shashi says we will see what everybody needs, we will have a democratic done.

Dhruv asks what. Shashi says Sonam will remain on the off chance that she gets votes from the family, else she will leave from here, fine, concurred? We will choose it in the wake of casting a ballot. Dhruv says do anything, however you will leave. Shashi says we will know it subsequent to casting a ballot. Sheetal says this young lady isn’t defenseless, never really help her. Shashi requests that she stop it, she will get one vote moreover. She cries and does a show.

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Lock Down Love Story update Saturday 19th March 2022: Shashi says everybody thinks Nutan is here, on the off chance that there is no understanding, simply casting a ballot framework is left to choose. Dhruv says I will send Sonam out of the house. He holds Sonam’s hand and takes her. Shashi yells. He stops Dhruv once more. He becomes irate. Sonam sees Dhruv. Shashi says Sonam will not go anyplace without the democratic. Nutan says let him do, we will see the outcome. Dhruv and everybody goes. Hulchul says I will leave, sorry for the difficulty. Shashi requests that he stay back for some, additional time, see the outcome and go. Sonam expresses profound gratitude, all of you have upheld me a great deal. Shashi says we will realize who is with you and who are not.

Shashi requests that they come on Sonam’s side assuming they need to incline toward her. Nutan says I give vote against Sonam, there is one more part in the house, its demon for him to make the choice.

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