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Lock Down Love Story update Thursday 17th March 2022

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 18th March 2022
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Lock Down Love Story update Thursday 17th March 2022: The Episode begins with Milky’s mum returning home to get some information about Milky. Dhruv thinks did they take Milky with them. Bhavani says Dhruv, we committed an error, we got the other woman. Dhruv says its a bungle, how might you capture wrong young lady, did you send her to Mumbai. Bhavani says no. Dhruv says drop her back to home. Bhavani says I don’t have that young lady. Dhruv asks where is she. Bhavani says we met police on the way, they took the young lady, don’t advise my name to police, we got saved by trouble. Dhruv chides him.

Dhruv says she would have cognizant at this point. He stresses and says Milky would have returned home on the off chance that she was with police. Shashi says call the police. Smooth’s mum and Dhruv stress and prevent him from calling police. Nutan and everybody look on. Dhruv says I don’t observe this right, Milky can be in any issue. Shashi says no, she would be fine. Smooth’s mum says OK, on the off chance that anybody hijacked her… Sheetal inquires as to for what reason will anybody grab her. Smooth’s mum concerns.

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Lock Down Love Story update Thursday 17th March 2022: Dhruv asks where is Milky. Sonam says you were intending to send me away, you are so thoughtless. He requests that she get out whatever is she stowing away. She says I realize you well, proceed to observe your better half, individuals will insult you. She says on the off chance that everybody realizes you had sent the criminals, what will individuals think. E gets a call and goes. Hulchul asks what occurred. Dhruv says Bhavani captured Milky rather Sonam. Hulchul says its excessively. Bablu sees Milky getting up and turns her oblivious once more. Dhruv says she would have come in the event that police took her. Bablu says will we come to see as Milky. Dhruv says I will come. Sonam giggles at Dhruv.

He says you can giggle, I will return and see you. He goes. Sonam calls Hulchul and asks will everything get fine. Hulchul says OK, we will leave Milky once her mum makes the admission. She says thanks to him. She asks that her name gets cleared. Shashi asks Milky’s mum not to stress. Smooth’s mum sits appealing to God for her. Hulchul and Bablu take Dhruv to certain spots to keep him occupied. Sonam says only two hours, then, at that point, my name will get cleared.

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Lock Down Love Story update Thursday 17th March 2022: Nutan says I m frightened, did Milky go out in bhaang impact. Sheetal says we took care of her bhaang for sentiment, not to flee, Dhruv will see as her. Time elapses. Smooth’s mum says we committed an error however Milky is addressing the cost, presently I don’t have time, I will call everybody and come clean. She requests that Ankita call everybody. Sonam looks on. Dhruv says we didn’t get Milky, where will she be. Bablu says perhaps individuals who halted Bhavani was genuine police. Shashi asks what occurred, have persistence. Smooth’s mum cries and says Milky is paying for my wrongdoing, I feel she disappeared from me. Nutan asks which sin, nothing will happen to Milky, our distress is same, simply relax, we are with you.

Smooth’s mum says no, Milky’s life is at serious risk, let me come clean with them. Sonam sees the time. Sheetal asks what truth, everybody knows, Milky is missing, Dhruv will get her. Nutan says say it in heart. Shashi yells on Nutan and says let her say. Smooth’s mum sees the time. She says each individual commits errors, I additionally did a mix-up. Sonam cries and looks on. Smooth’s mum says on the marriage day… .. Entryway opens. They see Dhruv beating Hulchul and Bablu. He gets Milky back. Smooth goes to her mum. Shashi asks what’s this, where was Milky. Dhruv chastens his companions. He says the two of them kept Milky hostage.

Dhruv says Sonam got Milky captured, she is uncovered now, she should take off from this house. Sonam checks him out.


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