Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Friday 8th April 2022

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 1st April 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Friday 8th April 2022: The Episode begins with Sonam dealing with Dhruv. They grin. Pratap and Subhadra document a missing grumbling. They request that the investigator track down Sonam. The lodging fellow sees the news. He sees Sonam and Dhruv’s pics. Nutan announces a one lakh prize for the individual who tracks down Dhruv. The man calls the police headquarters and says those psychological medical clinic patients have arrived. Police come.

The man takes the police to the room. The reviewer sees Sonam and Dhruv taking off. Dhruv says I got worn out, I feel drowsy. Sonam says to run a little, we will track down a decent spot. She takes more time to the tea slow down. She makes Dhruv rest in her lap. It’s morning, Pratap and Nutan contend before the investigator. Sonam calls Pratap. Nutan requests that he put approach the speaker. Sonam says you have left the police after us. Pratap says I didn’t get it done, Jaiswals did this. Nutan says he is lying.

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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Friday 8th April 2022: Sonam says stop this attempt at finger pointing. Nutan requests that she bring Dhruv home. Sonam says sorry, you both end the battles first and afterward I will get Dhruv. Pratap says fine, we will take the grumbling back. They pull out the grumbling. Nutan petitions God for Dhruv’s return. Sonam brings Dhruv home. Nutan embraces him. She stops Sonam and says I want to converse with you. She takes more time to the sanctuary. She says I have lost now, I would rather not battle more, I implore you, simply return my child to me and disappear. Sonam plunks down on her knees. She says you are senior to me, I have generally viewed you as mum, its my obligation to pay attention to you, yet excuse me, I will not consent to this, we have a similar expect to make Dhruv fine, I can’t venture back, if it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. She gets up. She sees Dhruv and goes. Dhruv becomes furious and says mate is so harmed, for what reason do you loathe her and hurt her. Nutan requests that he have squeeze and rest. He asks how misstep did mate respond, tell me. Nutan yells Dhruv. Dhruv yells for what reason are you yelling, tell me, what’s the issue.

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Smooth says Sonam is a trouble maker, she is a Chudail. Dhruv tosses the juice over her. He says you are the witch, Sonam is great, she deals with me. Nutan says stop it Dhruv, Sonam isn’t great, proceed to rest in your room. Dhruv requests that Shashi get Sonam. Dhruv says you both are terrible, I won’t converse with anybody. Sonam supplicates. Pratap requests that she go along. Sonam says I m not going anyplace from here. He says you have changed a ton, choose if you need your family or Dhruv.

Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Friday 8th April 2022: Sonam says you shouldn’t compromise in relations, you ought to have regarded my affection, I pick Dhruv. He says you will lament remaining here. She says don’t revile me. He requests that Subhadra come. She says I can’t leave Sonam when she wants me the most, I m her mum. He leaves. Specialist really looks at Dhruv. Dhruv gets down on mate. Shashi requests that Nutan stop it, don’t be unyielding, get Sonam for the wellbeing of Dhruv, Dhruv will get fine. She asks would I be able to deal with my child, sit back and relax. Specialist says Dhruv is intellectually upset at the present time. He gives the meds and goes. Sheetal says Milky will accomplish this work. Smooth asks how might I get it done. Sheetal gets out whatever occurs, Milky will take care of the soup to Dhruv. Smooth says OK, I will do. Nutan goes. Shashi gets Sonam home. Nutan gets stunned.

Nutan contends with Shashi. She says either make Sonam out of this house or make me leave. Shashi says Sonam will remain here at this point.


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