Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Monday 11th April 2022

A Lock-down Love Story Starlife, Full Story, Plot Summary, Casts & Teasers
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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Monday 11th April 2022: The Episode begins with Nutan and Shashi sobbing for Dhruv. They sit outside the house and get miserable. They care for one another and clasp hands. Its morning, the family gets one more letter from the ruffians. Shashi peruses, put the cash in the gift box, don’t illuminate the police. Sheetal admonishes Sonam. She says Sonam is doing this, for what reason doesn’t she return Dhruv to us. Sonam says trust me, Pratap and I are not involved. Shashi says we will give this letter to police and find out. Nutan says no chance, I simply believe that you should give the cash and get Dhruv back. Smooth and her mum come and grin. Smooth demonstrations and says I have made bhog for Dhruv’s return. Nutan says do anything, simply get Dhruv back, don’t have the foggiest idea how is he. Shashi goes to orchestrate the cash. Sonam sees the desserts box. She goes to the sweet shop and gets some information about the purchaser. The man checks and says the crate is our own, however the desserts aren’t, we make desserts with desi ghee.

Dhruv opens the window and comes out. He sees Sonam leaving. He attempts to yell. Hooligans get him. Sonam goes to see. She doesn’t see him. Smooth feeds poor people. Batasa eats the laddoo and says it tastes equivalent to the ruffians sent the laddoos. Sonam gets back home. She hears this and tastes the laddoos. She says I got to be aware of Dhruv, let the police come. Nutan says don’t call the police. Police comes. Sonam says we have tracked down Dhruv, accompany me. She takes more time to Milky’s home. She says I m sure that Milky and her mum have seized Dhruv. Nutan asks what. Smooth says she is accusing me.

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Sonam says I didn’t tell you with the goal that you don’t act sharp. Assessor rings the chime. Smooth’s mum gets stunned seeing them. She asks what occurred, did you get Dhruv. Assessor says no, we will get him now. Sonam inquires as to for what reason is this room locked, what’s there. They don’t track down Dhruv. They don’t track down Dhruv. Smooth asks how might you get him on the off chance that he hasn’t arrived.

She reprimands Sonam. A few men bring a pantry home. Batasa asks what is it. The man says its another pantry request from Dhruv. Batasa says fine, keep it in room. Dhruv is restricted inside. Everybody returns home. Nutan becomes irate. She says where is Dhruv. Everybody cries.

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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Monday 11th April 2022: Smooth grins and conversed with her mum. She says Dhruv broke the ropes, he has seen me. Smooth says we will go prison in the event that he tells anything, we can’t go to prison, we need to find a major way to save ourselves, we need to make him far removed, fault will come on Sonam, she will go to prison for his homicide. FB closes. Sonam comes to Dhruv’s room. She sees his pic and cries. She asks where are you. She sees the new pantry and says who has got this at this point. She really looks at it and opens the entryway. She gets stunned seeing Dhruv. She asks what has been going on with you Dhruv. She sees an aggressor behind. The aggressor pushes him and goes to cut Dhruv. Sonam pushes him. She attempts to stop the aggressor and battles him. She gets injured and tumbles down. The aggressor cuts Dhruv.

Smooth comes to room and sees Sonam with the blade. She calls everybody. Everybody gets stunned seeing Sonam with the blade. Smooth and Nutan say Sonam has killed Dhruv.


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