Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Saturday 9th April 2022

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 1st April 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Saturday 9th April 2022: The Episode begins with Sonam saying let me stay here, Dhruv needs me. Nutan says either make Sonam out of here, or make me leave. Shashi says Sonam will remain here, its my choice. Nutan says you will conflict with your significant other for this young lady. He says you have kept Milky here, I m keeping Sonam, there’s nothing more to it. He requests that Dheeraj take Sonam’s pack. Nutan irately proceeds to gather her packs. Shashi asks what’s happening with you. She says I won’t remain in your room, I will remain with Sheetal until Sonam has arrived. He says fine, do what you like. She says you have shown this day in a marriage of 32 years, recollect that I m going today as a result of Sonam. Sonam goes to meet Dhruv.

Dhruv takes off from Milky. She asks him not to inconvenience her. She requests that he have the soup. He makes the soup fall over her hands. Her hands consumed. She closes him inside a room and showers fire quencher. He locks the entryway. He yells for help. She attempts to open the entryway. She figures he will make a show now, the entryway got stuck. She yells for help. Everybody comes. Smooth says the entryway got stuck. Nutan asks Sonam to simply disappear. Dhruv requests that Nutan send Sonam. They see a smoke. Sonam goes from the overhang. She sees Dhruv. She attempts and opens the entryway. Everybody sees Dhruv and stress. Sonam takes him out. Specialist comes and actually looks at Dhruv. Sonam requests that he check him well, he has breathed in smoke. Specialist says you had tossed fire douser out on schedule, he is out of peril now.

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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Saturday 9th April 2022: She finishes her foot wound’s dressing. She says I swear, I m not hurt. Specialist says I will come tomorrow to check, fare thee well. He says I sat idle, I was not drinking soup, so Milky secured me in room and spread that smoke. Everybody gets stunned. Nutan slaps Milky. She says in the event that anything happened to Dhruv, I would have not saved you. She reproves Milky and requests that she escape her sight. She expresses gratitude toward Sonam for saving Dhruv’s life. Dhruv asks are you not irritated with my amigo. Nutan says no. Dhruv embraces her and Sonam. Smooth gathers her packs. Sheetal arrives at stop her. Smooth says I m going, I won’t endure Nutan. Sheetal requests that she tune in.

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Shashi and Nutan see Milky leaving. Sonam takes care of the food to Dhruv. He requests frozen yogurt. Sonam asks at the present time. She asks Nutan would they be able to go out and have frozen yogurt. Nutan says fine, be careful and returned soon. Sonam and Dhruv grin and leave. Sheetal asks are you forgetting your bahu.

Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Saturday 9th April 2022: Nutan says no chance, Dhruv needs to get fine first, I can endure Sonam her. Sheetal says I don’t believe its right. Shashi comes and requests that Sheetal let them live in harmony. He expresses gratitude toward Nutan. He says you have shown mum’s affection for a child, much obliged, we won’t avoid that room, come to our room, I need to invest energy with you. Nutan grins and goes with him. Two men come and request that they come quick, your relative is lying oblivious. They go out and see Sonam. Ankita requests that Sonam open eyes. Nutan asks where is Dhruv.

Shashi peruses hijackers’ letter, which has two circumstances. Everybody gets stunned.

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