Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Sunday 10th April 2022

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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Sunday 10th April 2022: The Episode begins with Sonam getting cognizant. Nutan asks her where is Dhruv. Sonam reviews and tells them. Certain individuals come and capture Dhruv. Sonam pursues the vehicle. She tumbles down on the streets and blacks out. Individuals see her. FB closes. Sonam says Dhruv is captured. Nutan says its my message to send Dhruv with you. Shashi says don’t begin accusing once more, we need to find Dhruv soon. She says you took assurance of this young lady, see what occurred. Everybody is strained. Sheetal calls Milky and says return home soon, Dhruv is abducted. Nutan says call the police, find out, who can done this.

Sheetal says its an aftereffect of old ill will, how could anybody capture Dhruv. Dheeraj says I will call police. Sheetal says I believe Sonam’s father has done this hijacking wrongdoing. Nutan asks what. Police returns home. Assessor says I think somebody has ill will with Dhruv. Nutan whines of Pratap.

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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Sunday 10th April 2022:  Nutan sits crying and comes in the most natural sounding way for Sheetal. Smooth and her mum get back home. Smooth apologizes and says I can’t survive without Dhruv, I can never harmed him. Sheetal requests that Nutan excuse her. She searches for Dhruv. Sheetal says Dhruv got hijacked. Smooth asks when, how. She cries. She says I comprehend everything, it was fine till I had arrived, how did this occur. She sees Sonam irately. Pratap is placed in lockup. He says I sat idle, I was going to Mumbai. Subhadra comes and says I will converse with reviewer. Reviewer says Jaiswal family had grumbling against him for Dhruv’s seizing. They get stunned. Pratap becomes irate and says I won’t allow Sonam and Dhruv to join together.

Jaiswal family get a desserts box at the entryway. They actually take a look at it and get a note. Shashi peruses… we have Dhruv Jaiswal, if you need to get him back alive, you need to give 25 lakhs to us and furthermore get Milky and Dhruv separated. He peruses the compromising letter. Smooth’s mum does a show. Sonam sees the desserts box. Sheetal says we know whether payment sum is asked, what’s the other condition to get Milky and Dhruv. Smooth’s mum says I simply realize Sonam and Pratap did this. Nutan requests that Milky save Dhruv. She cries. Smooth requests that Nutan let her acknowledge the condition, she will separate from Dhruv to keep him alive.

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She runs crying. Her mum reprimands Sonam for upsetting both the families. She returns home and calls Milky. She asks are you fine. Smooth says OK, our arrangement was great. Her mum giggles and says now you will win the two different ways. FB shows Milky furiously gets back home and says I went out. Her mum requests that she return, her father left and they have no cash now to run the house. Smooth says I will track down a way.

Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Sunday 10th April 2022:  She grins. FB closes. Smooth says we will get bunches of cash. Her mum goes to keep an eye on Dhruv. Sheetal comes to Milky and inquires as to for what reason did you take off from the house, its great that you returned and Nutan has pardoned you. Smooth figures I will not pay attention to anybody now. She says I will ask you prior to busy. Sonam meets Pratap. He says I m in prison as a result of you. She says sorry, I will find reality and get you out of here. She guarantees him. She implores Mata Rani. Smooth’s mum gets nourishment for Dhruv and takes care of him. He spits it. She becomes furious. He yells to Nutan.

Sonam searches for Dhruv. He sees her and attempts to yell. Thug gets him.


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