Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Thursday 7th April 2022

Lock Down Love Story update Friday 1st April 2022
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Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Thursday 7th April 2022: The Episode begins with Pratap contending with Subhadra. He requests that Subhadra make sense of Sonam. Subhadra says he is correct, Sonam, you need to accompany us, you can’t squander your life, Dhruv used to comprehend, however presently there is nobody to get you. Shashi and Dhruv come. Pratap contends with Shashi. He says you didn’t transform, you need to carry your psychological child to my girl. Dhruv embraces Sonam. Pratao makes Dhruv away. Shashi says even you didn’t transform, you are it isn’t fine to do this when my child. Pratap stops Sonam. Dhruv pushes him. Pratap gets injured. Nutan and Sheetal come there.

Pratap takes a masterpiece to hit him. Sonam comes in the middle and says you won’t hurt him, you know his state, how might you act along these lines, are you not kidding. Nutan comes in and says you deceived me and got Dhruv to Sonam, Sheetal was correct. She reprimands Pratap moreover. She requests that he remove Sonam until the end of time. Nutan requests that Dhruv come. Dhruv rejects. Sonam asks him to simply go with his mum. She persuades him. Nutan brings Dhruv home. Dhruv discards things. Nutan chastens him and requests that he go to his room. Dhruv unfortunately goes. Nutan says I won’t converse with you, simply Milky and I will deal with Dhruv. Smooth concerns. She says I can’t do this, its a major liability.

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Sheetal says don’t be frantic, you will control here. Pratap gets the psychological emergency clinic staff there. He says a frantic individual stays here, he is hazardous, simply remove him. Sonam requests that Subhadra help her assuming she adores her. She says you realize father is fouling up, stand by listening to me, let me go, I won’t ever remain blissful, simply get me, please. She cries. Subhadra cries and holds her. She signs Sonam to go. Sonam thanks and embraces her. Pratap asks where is Dhruv. Nutan stops them and says how might you accept him, he has distraught in retribution, there is nobody frantic here. Smooth goes to Dhruv and says Sonam pal is in a tough situation, won’t you help her. Dhruv says I will help her. Smooth requests that he come. Sonam returns home and requests that Pratap shut down this, Dhruv isn’t frantic.

Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Thursday 7th April 2022: She requests that the men leave. She is sorry to Nutan for Pratap’s benefit. The man asks who is she, where is Dhruv, we came to take him. Smooth gives a stick to Dhruv. Dhruv says I won’t release Sonam away. Smooth figures now I will dispose of you. Dhruv sees the men. He yells amigo, you can’t take her. He beats the men. The men get him and take him. Sonam and everybody yell and cry.

Pratap takes Sonam with him. Sonam is coming. She gripes of stomach throb. She requests that Subhadra stop the vehicle. She runs out of the vehicle. Pratap looks on. Dhruv is in mental emergency clinic. Nutan and Shashi come to address specialist. She says Dhruv isn’t deranged, let us bring him back home. Sonam comes to the emergency clinic. Monitors stop her. She acts distraught. They take her inside to Dhruv’s ward. Dhruv sees her and embraces. He says I m extremely terrified.

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Specialist says Dhruv is brutal, we will treat him. Nutan cries. Specialist takes more time to Dhruv. Shashi says he hasn’t arrived. The man says we locked the two of them here. Shashi asks who else. The man says a sweet looking young lady, they were calling each other as mate. Nutan says Sonam…

. Lockdown Love Story On Star-Life Thursday 7th April 2022: Sonam takes more time to the lodging. The man asks are you hitched. Dhruv snickers and says we are kids, kids don’t get hitched. Sonam says no, I don’t have cash, I have gold hoops, you deal with this, what will we have in food. The man says cook has left. Sonam asks where is the kitchen. He says that way. She goes to cook. Nutan says Sonam took Dhruv with her. Shashi says Dhruv will be fine. Specialist calls the police. Sonam deals with Dhruv.

Nutan asks Sonam to return Dhruv to her. Sonam says I will not pay attention to your solicitation.


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