Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 12th April 2022

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Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 12th April 2022: The Episode begins with Sonam getting the blade. Her hand drains. She drives the aggressor away. The aggressor takes off. Sonam attempts to get him. He escapes. Everybody comes. Smooth opens the entryway. She thinks Dhruv passed on and blade is in Sonam’s grasp. She grins. She proceeds to push Sonam. She requests that Nutan come quick. Everybody comes and gets stunned. Smooth says Sonam has killed Dhruv.

Sheetal calls the police. She says a homicide occurred here. Sonam says Dhruv is fine, nothing happened to him, I tracked down Dhruv here, a man came to kill him. Nutan says you killed him, Sonam, you guaranteed love, how did he respond this. Sonam says I sat idle. Dhruv awakens and says mate sat idle. Smooth gets stunned. Everybody grins seeing Dhruv. Dhruv says a terrible uncle had closed me in the cabinet, Milky and her mum had hijacked me, her mum tied me so firmly and attempted to kill me. Smooth concerns. Dhruv says I had seen her face. Smooth says no, he would have seen something different. He says no, I m saying reality.

Sheetal says we got Dhruv, he is fine, I will ask police not to come. Nutan says no, call the police. She becomes furious on Milky. She admonishes Milky. She lifts hand. Smooth holds her hand and pushes her. Sonam holds Nutan. Nutan cries. Smooth says all of you got to know it all, yet its difficult to send me to imprison, pay attention to me, assuming police comes here, I will fault Dhruv so that he will be going to mental refuge and prison, you choose now, what to do, call the police in the event that you need, I m remaining here. Sheetal asks would you lose your have cared, did you fail to remember that you are demolishing your own place.

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She reprimands Milky. Smooth says stop it now, you likewise express this despite their good faith, I m exhausted by your recommendation, I didn’t get my significant other and Sasural, adequately its, I won’t leave every one of you, Dhruv is distraught, I can’t be his overseer, I won’t leave any of you. Sonam says wouldn’t even play with the possibility of disturbing my Dhruv or my family, you figure we will be terrified, let the police come, you will get rebuffed, Pratap is in prison, Dhruv was kicking the bucket, where did your affection go, we will together give proclamation against you. Nutan says Sonam is correct, we won’t be terrified of you, we will tell the police, Dhruv will likewise tell. Dhruv gestures. Shashi says then we will see who the police accepts.

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Smooth tears her garments and damages herself. Everybody gets stunned. She says assuming police comes here, I will let the police know that Dhruv has attacked me, he is behaving like a five year old child, he has done this, I will see what occurs, Dhruv will go prison first. Shashi calls the police. He says we had a misconception, sorry, all is great, Dhruv returned. Sonam asks what are you talking about, we can’t get frightened of her, she fouled up with Dhruv. Nutan says no, Dhruv will be at misfortune, he has proactively endured a ton.

Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 12th April 2022: Sonam requests that auditor leave her father now. Nutan expresses gratitude toward her. She says we are not giving you to police, yet we won’t allow you to remain here, get out. Nutan and Sheetal toss out Milky and shut the entryway. Sonam looks on.

Sonam says I will come back again to meet you. Nutan apologizes to her. She says I thought you’re not ideal for my Dhruv, I used to think that you are unfortunate, pardon me. Dhruv says my mate is awesome, will you let her visit here. Nutan says OK, you both stay together, for eternity. Everybody grins. Nutan embraces Dhruv and Sonam. Smooth, her mum and thugs return home.

Nutan says how indecent are you to come back once more. Smooth says this house is mine, I m the proprietor presently, check the property papers and leave. Shashi checks and gets stunned. He says its genuine papers. He sees Dhruv’s signs. Smooth tricked Dhruv and taking his signs. She grins.

Lockdown Love Story On Star Life Tuesday 12th April 2022: The hooligans toss out everybody. Dhruv says leave us, we will not go. Sonam says its fine. Sheetal says Milky is so toxic, she got us on the streets, where will we go at this point. Dheeraj says in the event that Shobha is familiar with it, he will snicker and not let us stay in harmony, we will go to a few lodging and afterward think. Sonam says OK, you go, I will remain here and go up against Milky. Shashi says compelling reason need to remain here. Sonam says we will remain here. Dhruv says OK. They all make a tent from the bamboos. Nutan says we will stay put. Subhadra and Pratap come. He asks Sonam when will she return. Subhadra says OK Sonam, your life will turn into a weight, return with us. Nutan says no, Sonam is our own now, I m sorry for the difficulty.

Smooth consumes Dhruv’s hand and torments him. Dhruv cries. She takes steps to kill Nutan, Shashi and Sonam.


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