Lost in love on Starlife May 2022 Teasers

Lost In Love July Teasers 2022
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Lost in love on starlife May 2022 Teasers: Unfit to accept Inspector Kamal’s passing, Sai turns forlorn at the clinic. in the interim, Virat reviews the guarantee he made to Sai’s dad, and they get hitched, read lost in adoration on star life May 2022 Teasers

Lost in Love on star life May 2022 Teasers

Sunday first May 2022

Kamal and Virat endeavor to safeguard Pari while Vithal gets captured. Somewhere else, Bhavani’s startling inquiry leaves Pakhi in a predicament. Virat lets Sai know that she can now return to Nagpur and drops her home. While Sai requests that Kamal avoid hurt, the last option asks Virat for an honorarium.

Monday second May 2022

Monitor Kamal and Virat lay a snare to capture Jagthap and his thugs. While Ashwini upbraids Ninad, Kamal makes a definitive penance for Virat. Virat gets passionate as Kamal’s wellbeing disintegrates. Afterward, he gains a stunning piece of information about Samrat from Pakhi.

Tuesday third May 2022
Unfit to accept Inspector Kamal’s passing, Sai turns forlorn at the clinic. Somewhere else, Mansi attempts to leave the Chavan house looking for Samrat. Virat offers to perform Inspector Kamal’s last customs while a discouraged Sai can’t move past his passing. Afterward, Virat offers to support Sai’s higher investigations.

Wednesday fourth May 2022
Virat reviews his guarantee to Inspector Kamal while supporting a demoralized Sai. In the interim, Pakhi blacks out at the sanctuary. Virat passes on while a discouraged Sai attempts to commit suicide.

Thursday fifth May 2022
Virat surges Sai to the medical clinic and offers to give his blood to save her. Afterward, Virat winds up in a predicament as everything going on gets crazy. Shivani offers to persuade Mansi while Karishma finds a frightening truth. Somewhere else, Virat gets direction from Ninad about his best course of action.

Friday sixth May 2022

Virat encounters a startling bad dream while the Chavan’s find out about Shivani’s bogus forecast. Afterward, Virat makes a stunning declaration with respect to Sai. Nonetheless, Sai concedes that she won’t wed Virat; Sai gets some information about Pakhi.

Saturday seventh May 2022

Sai’s Haldi service initiates cheerful while Ashwini gives Pakhi a harsh admonition. Afterward, Virat chooses to spill reality with regards to his wedding. Karishma notices Pakhi becoming fretful to meet Virat while Sai and he sealed the deal. Afterward, Vithal shows up in the center of Sai’s Kanyadaan service.

Sunday eighth May 2022
Virat slaps Vithal when he attempts to unleash ruin in his marriage. Afterward, Pakhi is shell-stunned as Virat and Sai’s wedding happens effectively. Sai’s well-wishers invite the Chavan at the marriage as she meets Pakhi. Afterward, Pakhi is broken when Virat attempts to legitimize his choice to wed.

Monday ninth May 2022
Pakhi and Sai meet interestingly after Virat acquaints them with each other. Afterward, Sai gets enthusiastic during her Vidai service. Virat figures out how to persuade Usha in going with them to the Chavan chateau. While Pakhi is sorrowful, Virat and Sai get an uncommon gladly received.

Tuesday tenth May 2022
While Bhavani continues to embarrass Sai and Usha, Ashwini stops her and recognizes Virat and Sai’s marriage. Afterward, Devi imparts confidential to Sai. Virat develops blue subsequent to confronting the family’s stunning reaction to his choice while Pakhi is left shattered. Afterward, Sai spills her guts to Ashwini.

Wednesday eleventh May 2022
Bhavani censures Virat after he attempts to legitimize his choice of wedding Sai. While a broke Pakhi stands up to Virat, Sai hears their discussion. Ashwini loses her cool when Bhavani knocks Sai before the family. While Ashwini stands up to Pakhi, Sai will not play out a post-wedding custom.

Thursday twelfth | Lost in Love on starlife May 2022 Teasers
Bhavani is irritated after Sai gets some information about reality behind Devyani’s state of mind. Afterward, Sai insults Virat in regards to his closeness with Pakhi. While Virat and Sai’s post-wedding ceremonies occur, Bhavani chooses to leave the Chavan house. Afterward, Sai advances a condition to the family.

Friday thirteenth May 2022
Virat demands that Pakhi assist Sai with preparing for the wedding party. While he figures out how to persuade Mansi in joining in, the visitors show up for the capacity. During the wedding after-party, Sai blows up when the Chavan talks sick about Inspector Kamal Joshi. Afterward, Virat respects Sai when she insults Bhavani.

Saturday fourteenth May 2022
Pakhi blows up when she tracks down the beautification for Virat and Sai’s most memorable evening. Afterward, Virat is experiencing the same thing when Pakhi and Sai fly off the handle at one another. Virat paralyzes Sai at her post-wedding function; Sai likes investing energy with Devyani.

Sunday fifteenth May 2022
Sai informs Ashwini regarding Pakhi coming to her room the earlier night while Virat shows worry for Pakhi. Afterward, Virat and Sai get into a warmed contention. Virat faces tumultuous bits of gossip at work; Pakhi attempts to determine a contention among Virat and Sai.

Monday sixteenth May 2022
Pakhi upholds Virat after a warmed contention happens among him and Sai. Afterward, she stays determined to go away from the Chavan house without illuminating the elderly folks, Sai leaves the manor.

Tuesday seventeenth May 2022
After getting back to the Chavan manor, Sai faces wild allegations from the family. Afterward, a warmed contention emits among Sai and Pakhi. Around evening time, Virat contacts Sai to fortify his bond with her, while Pakhi stays sorrowful by Virat’s disloyalty. The following day, Pakhi leaves the Chavan house and gets back.

Wednesday eighteenth May 2022

Ashwini upholds Sai after she faces the family’s embarrassment. In the interim, Sai holds fast after Bhawani requests that she apologize to Pakhi. Virat admonishes Sai for being uncertain about his closeness with Pakhi. Afterward, Pakhi explicitly declines when Virat demands her to get back.

Thursday nineteenth May 2022
Sai visits the Patils and endeavors to persuade Pakhi in getting back to the Chavan chateau. In the mean time, Virat gets strained by Sai’s unexpected vanishing. Virat figures out how to persuade Pakhi, so she gets back to the chateau. The Chavan’s heartily welcome her back.

Friday twentieth May 2022
While Virat makes a stunning disclosure to the family, Sai panics about her outcomes. Afterward, Sai and Virat hang out. Virat chooses to go home for the day from his work while Sai is super after her great outcomes. Afterward, Virat requests that Sai do the unbelievable.

Saturday 21st May 2022
Sai yearns for Kamal and gets passionate; Bhawani accomplishes something unforeseen. Virat has a shock expected for Sai; Sai shows her appreciation for Virat.

Sunday 22nd May 2022
Sai and Virat participate in an amicable chat while Pakhi develops down and out seeing them together. Bhawani communicates her issue with Sai’s schooling. The Chavan’s are in dismay when Virat upholds Sai to seek after her higher examinations. Be that as it may, Bhavani endeavors to make hindrances for Sai in looking for confirmation.


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