Lost in Love update Monday 18th April 2022

Lost In Love On Star Life Monday 3rd May 2022 Update
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Lost in Love update Monday 18th April 2022: Virat with his companion Sunny goes to yoga camp and meets Pakhi again there. Coordinator botches them as couple. Radiant insults Virat. Paki and Virat get rooms close to one another. Bright insults Virat once more, and he shows Sameer out of room. In Gadchiroli, Sayi panics thinking back Jagtap’s advance notice her that on the off chance that she doesn’t wed him, he will hurt Aaba. She worriedly lets Usha know that she is concerned for Aaba’s life after Jagtap’s danger. Aaba binds Jagtap and marches him around. Jagtap argues to leave him.

Aaba stops jeep before home. Jagtap requests that Sayi advise her dad to leave him. Aaba slaps him. Jagtap cautions Sayi that she saw his sasur slapping him, presently she will see her sasur making ruin and rebuffing his sasur. Aaba hauls him away to police headquarters. Sayi gets more apprehensive stressed for Aba’s life.

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In camp, Pakhi video visits with her folks. Father says her mom believes her should get hitched soon as she is now 26 year old, yet he isn’t stressed in any way. Mother from behind demands Pakhi to find a kid soon and get hitched. She sees Virat remaining in his gallery and inquires as to whether he is her sweetheart. Pakhi says no. Virat welcomes her and talks. Pakhi leaves anxiously. Mother lets Pakhi know that she has requested that her sister track down an appropriate kid for Paki.

Lost in Love update Monday 18th April 2022: At Virat’s home, Mansi and Sonali match Pakhi and Virat’s pic and talk about that this young lady would be best counterpart for Virat. Badimaa enters and starts her standard insults. Her theatrics begins. Ashwini brings her tidbits, and Badimaa remarks its slick. Ashwini offers back saying that being said she loves her tidbits. Badimaa keeps insulting and says she will bring unadulterated Maharastrian young lady like her for Virat and Samrat and not a low position young ladies like Ashwini and Saloni. Devyani strolls in and says even she needs to get hitched. Badimaa reprimands her to return to her room as she won’t ever wed. Devyani pushes her irately. Ashwini quiets down Devyani and removes her.

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Back in camp, Virat with Sunny appreciates huge fire. Radiant insults him with respect to Pakhi. Pakhi comes and sits before them. Have reports about a game and making sense of its standards requests that members shut their eyes and stroll around. Pakhi and Virat come before one another. Have requests that everybody open their eyes and whoever is front is their accomplice, they can proceed to sit with their accomplice. Virat sits with Pakhi and begins talking. She says they are meeting once more. He says fourth time. Their conversation proceeds with when Virat says he is an enthusiastic drummer. Pakhi reports that Virat will play drum. Virat goes in front of an audience and playing drum sings sequential’s title track Ghum hai kisike pyar me.. Pakhi with others begin moving and hypnotized in music is going to fall on huge fire when Virat surges and holds her.

Lost in Love update Monday 18th April 2022: Sayi gets more stressed thinking back Jagtap’s advance notice. Aaba says its Friday and Jatap will be in his authority on Saturday and Sunday, he will torment Jagtap and show him something new. Sayi says for what reason don’t he shut down this and shift to Nagpur with her soon. He says he really wants multi week to settle this and let ACP Virat assume responsibility.

Precap: Pakhi and Virat get to know each other, she thinks of her portable number on his hand. While driving, he shows it to Sunny. Bright says number is eradicated. Virat’s portable tumbles down from vehicle. Voicer inquires as to whether their romantic tale will end prior to beginning.


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