Lost in Love update Saturday 23rd April 2022

Lost In Love On Star Life Monday 3rd May 2022 Update
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Lost in Love update Saturday 23rd April 2022: Virat apologizes Aaba for being impolite in police headquarters while performing obligation. Aaba feeling pleased with hello there says its OK. Constable Bhima strolls in and compliments Aaba that Sayi started things out in twelfth in entire state. Virat asks who is Sayi. Aaba says she is his girl and acquainting Virat with Bhima requests that Bhima get basic food item and different things for Virat. Virat offers him his mom’s besan laddoos which Aaba loves a great deal.

Aaba appreciates laddoos and leaves asking him prepare for his felicitation by Sai in 60 minutes. Virat calls Sunny and inquires as to whether he looked through Pakhi’s number. Bright with meaningful discussion says he made an honest effort to get Pakhi’s number as ACP Virat Chavan, yet couldn’t think that she is number, yet will find out soon.

Virat arrives at felicitation scene. Sayi vapor seeing he is the one whose vehicle sprinkled soil on her and names him gabbar. Usha insults that Virat is ideal counterpart for her. Virat in front of an audience adulates his master examiner Kamal Joshi/Aaba for his help and direction and solicitations him to delay his VRS and guide him for at some point. Aaba concurs. Sayi blows up hearing that. Aaba calls her dramatic to congratulate Virat.

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Lost in Love update Saturday 23rd April 2022: She strolls in front of an audience raging. Virat gets Pakhi’s call and asks who is it, for what reason don’t he/she talk. Pakhi hearing his discourteous voice says sorry wrong number and detaches call. Sai impolitely requests that Virat twist his head for laurel and placing wreath in his neck leaves seething. Virat while getting back calls Sunny who illuminates that he called many numbers lastly got Pakhi’s number. Virat calls Pakhi’s number, however Pakhi doesn’t pick call thinking back his inconsiderate way of behaving. Her companion incites her that Virat failed to remember her and didn’t save her number, so she ought to fail to remember him.

Sayi arrives at home smoldering and chides Aaba for dropping VRS on Virat’s solicitation. Aaba says Virat is a genuine and valiant official and regards him, so he was unable to dismiss Virat’s solicitation. Sayi gives him water prior to leaving for obligation. He giggles saying she reproves him like a mother and feeds him like a girl. Sayi with Usha heads towards Virat’s home to face him and reevaluate Aaba’s VRS. They see Vital and Jagtap’s vehicles going into Virat’s home and from outside watch what’s going on inside. Fundamental acquaints himself as Gadchiroli’s MLA with Virat and offers him an expensive portable as gift. Virat acknowledges it and says he needed to purchase same portable, yet its worth 1.5 lakhs and his compensation is just 55000 rs, so he dropped the thought. Jagtap says they have cash tree at home and he can take how much ever cash he needs. Virat holds versatile submerged and requests that they leave. They leave smoldering. Usha lets Sai know that as Aaba says Virat is daring and fair.

Lost in Love update Saturday 23rd April 2022:Pakhi breaks thinking Virat sold out her. Pakhi’s mom reprimands her that she confided in somebody in 2 days and not them. Father says great she came to be aware of Virat’s temperament in 2 days than 2 years and she ought to think about Samrat’s proposition.

Precap: Sayi stands up to Virat and inquires as to for what reason didn’t he capture Vithal and Jagtap for attempting to pay off him. Virat yells enough… Samrat with family meets Pakhi and likes her.


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