Lost in Love update Sunday 24th April 2022

Lost In Love On Star Life Monday 3rd May 2022 Update
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Lost in Love update Sunday 24th April 2022: Sayi indignantly strolls into Virat’s home while Usha attempts to stop her. Constable stops her and says she wants to accept arrangement as Virat is a major official. Sayi says she will address him at any expense. Virat leaves asks Sayi what’s going on. Sayi indignantly goes up against him for preventing Aaba from taking VRS and inquires as to whether he needs meander Gadchiroli is Aaba’s lap, he doesn’t know howmuch significant it is for herself and Aaba to leave Gadchiroli soon.

Virat says she doesn’t know lawful issues. Usha surges in and attempts to remove Sayi. Sai inquires as to whether he is so valiant, for what reason didn’t he capture Jagtap and his dad who attempted to pay off him. Virat cautions her to leave, else he will capture her. She says he doesn’t realize Jagtap inconveniences her each and every other day and took steps to kill Aaba. Virat understands her aggravation and quiets down.

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Samrat with family visits Pakhi’s home to see her. Pakhi’s folks welcome them, and father says they are glad to serve bold saint Nagesh Chavan’s loved ones. Badimaa says she is glad to hear they regard valiance. Ninad presents entire family. They visit. Samrat’s cousin insults him that he should be anxious to see Pakhi and requests to call her. Mother brings Pakhi. Pakhi sits quietly. Samrat gets entranced with her excellence. Family questions Pakhi, yet she doesn’t talk a lot and sits quietly. Badimaa inquires as to whether she is fine. Mother says OK and asks Pakhi to Virat to her room and talk. In room, Virat acclaims Pakhi’s held nature and magnificence, wants to wed her and looks for her perspective. Ashwini calls Virat and illuminating him that they have come to see young lady for Samrat recommends to call him. Virat calls Samrat. Pakhi is going to see Samraat and Virat’s pic in guest ID when Samrat picks it.

Virat insults him, and Samrat adulating Pakhi’s excellence says he is anxious to wed her. Father comes and sending Samrat out inquires as to whether she is as yet hanging tight for Virat. Pakhi says Virat might have not gotten back to her, yet she saw genuine affection for her in his eyes. Father makes an honest effort persuade her to wed Samrat as he is from an all around regarded family and a military major, and so forth, lastly surrendering says he will illuminate Virat’s family that she will think and illuminate later. Pakhi stops him and says she is prepared.

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Lost in Love update Sunday 24th April 2022: Aaba takes Virat for a wilderness visit and illuminates him about a danger from bootleggers who take valuable trees with Vital’s assistance. He says he additionally heard that Vital and Jagtap attempted to pay off him, yet he showed them their situation. Virat says OK and inquires as to whether Jagtap inconveniences Sayi as Sayi herself told him. Aaba portrays entire story and inquires as to whether he fouled up by cuffing Jagtap to his jeep and hauling him till police headquarters. The two of them then, at that point, meet Jagtap who affronts them and gloats about his dad’s power. Aaba attempts to slap him and he holds Aaba’s hand.

Precap: Mansi illuminates family that Samrat’s wedding muhuraat is following 3 days. Samrat says he won’t wed until Virat comes and over telephone demands Virat to go to his wedding. Virat by means of message welcomes Pakhi to Samrat’s wedding.


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