Lost in Love update Tuesday 19th April 2022

Lost In Love On Star Life Monday 3rd May 2022 Update
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Lost in Love update Tuesday 19th April 2022: Virat resting in his room thinks back his gatherings with Pakhi, her dance, and so forth. Pakhi likewise thinks back her gatherings with Virat and calls her companion Neha. Neha awakens picks call. Pakhi inquires as to whether she was dozing. Neha expresses out loud whatever will she do at 1 a.m. Pakhi says she meandered half Nasik today and visited ghats. Neha requests to quit yakking and illuminate in the event that she met a kid. Pakhi says OK and he is a great kid. Neha says she fell in his adoration. Pakhi says don’t know regarding love, however created association with him. Neha requests that she proceed to check assuming her association is alert. Radiant additionally educates Virat that Pakhi should likewise be thinking concerning her and should be alert like him.

Jagtap grabs Aaba’s firearm and fires him. Sayi awakens and acknowledges it was her terrible dream. She look through Aaba and sits outside. Usha strolls to her and says when she is alert, how might she rest. Sayi inquires as to whether early morning dream works out. Usha says its a fantasy and inquires as to whether she will fail to remember her subsequent to moving to Nagpur. Sayi inquires as to for what reason will she and proposes her to move to Nagpur with her and Aaba, however she doesn’t have the foggiest idea when will ACP Virat Chavan come and assume responsibility and free Aaba

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Lost in Love update Tuesday 19th April 2022 She sees Jagtap’s dad Vital’s vehicles passing by towards Aab’s police headquarters and runs behind uncovered footed. Usha asks where is she going barefooted. Indispensable with thugs arrives at police headquarters and cautions Aaba to free his child. Aaba denies and cautions him to get out. Imperative brings his thugs who over gunpoint assume control over police headquarters. He requests that Aaba free his would be damad, Sayi’s future spouse Jagtap now. Pakhi runs barefooted towards police headquarters and tumbles down more than once harming herself. Usha surges behind her in auto.

Virat awakens hearing Sunny’s call and inquires as to whether its 7:30. Radiant says it is and illuminates that class is going to begin and his fortuitous event/Pakhi should be hanging tight for him. He prepares swiftly, surges out of room, and conflicts with Pakhi. She is sorry and says they are meeting over and again incidentally. Virat says he loves this happenstance. The two of them go to yoga class and take a gander at one another. That’s what instructor sees and cautions to focus on what they came for. The two of them grin at one another.

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At Virat’s home, Badimaa as expected insults family women and shows her power on them. Mansi illuminates Ninad that she preferred the young lady Patralekha/Pakhi chose for her child Samrat and requests that he address young lady’s folks. Ninad calls Pakhi’s dad and presenting himself as Lt Colonel Ninad Chavan says they saw Patralekha’s photograph and needs her hands for his nephew Samrat. Father gets cheerful and inquires as to whether he knows Nagpur’s DCP Nagesh Chavan. Ninad says he was his senior sibling. Father says he is glad to hear that his girl got coalition from fearless official Nagesh’s loved ones. He gets some information about Samrat’s work. Ninad says Samrat is armed force major and is his sister Mansi’s child, he is coming on a vacation tomorrow and assuming they all can meet Pakhhi in a little while. Father is going to talk when mother accepts call and says they can visit whenever and when telephone is separates admonishes father not to illuminate that Pakhi has gone to yoga class.

Lost in Love update Tuesday 19th April 2022: Crucial with his hooligans directs firearm at Aaba and orders him toward free Jagtap. Aaba additionally focuses firearm at Vital. Crucial says assuming that he discharge one projectile, his men will shoot numerous shots, he strolls to free Jagtap advance notice to dare stop him. Sayi enters running and argues Aaba to release Jagtap. Aaba cautions her to get back and not meddle in his work. She says she is stressed for his life. Aaba powerlessly releases Jagtap. Crucial insults Aaba that he is saving him as he is his child’s FIL and cautions to dare not touch his child once more. Outside, Jagtap insults Sayi that his dad is a tiger and her dad a defeatist, says no one can prevent him from wedding her now.

Precap: Pakhi and Virat get to know one another, she keeps in touch with her versatile number on his hand. While driving, he shows it to Sunny. Radiant says number is deleted. Virat’s versatile tumbles down from vehicle. Voicer inquires as to whether their romantic tale will end prior to beginning.


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