Lost in Love update Wednesday 27th April 2022

Lost In Love On Star Life Monday 3rd May 2022 Update
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Lost in Love update Wednesday 27th April 2022: Sayi goes to her felicitation service and sits apprehensively with her companions. Chief in front of an audience reports that Sayi beat twelfth test in entire state and did right by them. She additionally lauds ACP Virat Chavan who is posted in Gadchiroli and acknowledged their solicitation to turn into their main visitor. She calls Sayi to come in front of an audience and solicitations Viraat to give her prize and congratulate her.

Say strolls in front of an audience. Virat gives her a prize. Chief solicitations him to express a few words for Sayi. Virat says its feels much better to top in test, very much like he beat UPSC test; a couple of individuals get presumptuous and talk unpleasantly subsequent to fixing in test, however he is certain Sayi isn’t like that. He keeps applauding himself and closures discourse. Sayi stands raging. She strolls on road with her companion hollering at Virat and saying she won’t go with him. Jagtap with his hooligans in his vehicle follows her to abduct her when Virat comes to in his jeep and requests that Sayi get into jeep.

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Sayi as expected hollers and pitches fits, however concurs finally and gets in. Virat drops her home, cautions her not to escape house and passes on requesting 2 constable to remain there entire evening. Sayi strolls in hollering and shows her prize to Usha.

Pakhi and Samrat trade rings and complete commitment. Karishma clicks their pics. Back home, Ashwini attempts to call Virat and finds his telephone not reachable. She says she generally longed for Virat and Samrat’s wedding in same mantap. Badimaa strolls in saying anything can occur and she might track down young lady for Virat in 2 days. Ninad says she can do anything. Ashwini mumbles she will observe young lady even in 2 hours. Badimaa’s insults proceed and says today is Samrat’s haldi.

Sayi around evening time keeps hollering at Virat when she receives a message from somebody with Aaba’s ID card. She calls number and man says a man with this ID card met with a mishap on Nagpur interstate. She breaks listening to that and runs from house yelling Aaba. Usha and constables attempt to stop her to no end.

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Lost in Love update Wednesday 27th April 2022: Sayi runs on street when Jagtap gets her, harms Usha, abducts Sayi and brings her to his back home where he uncovers that he sent her phony ID and will wed her today. She keeps shouting at him to release her. Indispensable strolls down and says he will play out Gadchiroli’s ruler’s wedding richly and to toss Sayi in a room till then. Jagtap secures Sayi in a room. Sayi keeps crying and supplicates god for help. Aaba subsequent to completing his work calls Sayi, then, at that point, Virat and Usha without any result. He arrives at home where constables illuminate him about Sayi running out of house. Usha illuminates him that Jagtap abducted Sayi. Aaba yells out of frustration.

 Badimaa plays out Ganapati’s pooja and keeps modak prasad. Virat and Samrat without a moment’s delay take it. She gets them and says she knew her Shiva and Jiva would come to take modak, so she arranged their most loved modaks. Samrat and Virat share charitable bond. Badimaa says Virat needs to take haldi for Patralekha

. Lost in Love update Wednesday 27th April 2022: Virat demands to see Patralekha. Karishma says babhi is excellent and is going to show pic when Samrat grabs telephone and says let him see her straightforwardly. On the opposite side, Patralekha’s haldi and mehandi ceremonial beginnings. She gets mehandi applied on her hands thinking back quality time enjoyed with Virat. Sequential’s title track runs in the backround.

Precap: Viraat with Mohit, Sunny, and Karishma goes to meet Patraleka and is stunned to see she is Pakhi all things considered.

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