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Married Again Thursday 7th July 2022 Zee World: gayatri says its been two days since ansh’s grab and mourns at his condition. pankaj solaces her platitude tha suraj is having a go at all that reachable, and yash may nopt see it however he’s going hard and fast. yash comes and says that he realizes his slip-up in questioning him. he says that suraj should think for what reason is yash requesting his assistance after so much, yet he says that he doesnt have a choice, for going elsewhere for help, saying that main family upholds in terrible times. Yash says that he needs his assistance and enlightens them regarding the disc and the condition for getting ansh back. teh entire family is stunned to hear this, while buaji grins.

Gayatri curses the one who’s ruining yash’s conjugal life. Buaji says that it should be a lunatic. She says that what she says ought to be heard by yash tranquilly and coolly. she says that he has two delightful girls and concurred that ansh has a connection to him, in any event, when he’s not his own child.

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She educates him to give up regarding his warmth and contemplate relinquishing getting ansh back in the house. Gayatri condemns buaji for being so coldhearted and hard as would be natural for her and affections for ansh and arti. As buaji leaves, gayatri attempts to comfort yash that they would before long find ansh. Suraj separates saying that its not as basic, and all that has been attempted to track down any piece of information about ansh and that they may not say it, but rather the police also has rout composed all around their face. Suraj requests yash to figure out the seriousness from the circumstance and consent to a separation and remarriage, in the event that he needs ansh back. Yash says that he wouldnt leave arti and she would remain with him always and leaves.

Yash is examining ansh’s case with the police. Yash lets the overseer know that he had severed a glass bottle at the hijacker’s feet when he was climbing the wall and he would have certainly supported wounds and gone for treatment to some close by facility. They pass on to look for the hijacker in the close by facilities.

Married Again Thursday 7th July 2022 Zee World: As arti is getting dry garments in the sun, her mangalsutra gets caught in a fabric. She recollects the criminal’s alarming statement. She ponders internally that the criminal’s desire could never be satisfied since yash has guaranteed that he would get ansh back to her.

while she is taking care of palak, palak asks where is yash. She answers that yash has gone for getting ansh. When palak is guaranteed by arti that yash would get ansh today without a doubt, she asks arti to make his number one dish, Paneer Matar.

Subsequent to giving a shot with the police at different centers, he goes to another facility close by with the controller and is let by the specialist know that a patient like that arrived, and is being dealt with the present moment. Yash runs towards the wards to find out.

Arti is cheerfully setting up ansh’s number one food with the expectation that ansh would get back with yash. Shobha doesnt say everything except is strained. All at once the doorbell rings, and arti is really energized imagining that ansh has returned. At the point when she makes the way for find yash standing, she starts to look around for ansh while yash stays remaining with an unemotional face. Palak also requests ansh to yash yet he doesnt say anything. Arti also asks saying that they have been waiitng for a really long time. Arti goes crazy attempting to find ansh from his stowing away. On arti’s stubborn asking, yash requests that she quiet down saying that he couldnt find ansh and that he’s sorry he disheartened her.

Arti, baffled heads inside and starts lighting a light before the goddess in her sanctuary, while yash and palak watch. Seeing her wild way of behaving, yash sends palak off and comes to arti. Arti lights the earthen light and asks, while crying. She sees yash come close to her.

Married Again Thursday 7th July 2022 Zee World;  Yash says that he couldnt satisfy the commitment given to her and couldnt get ansh. Then again, he is frightened to death about ansh’s wellbeing and consequently he isn’t left with some other choice, showing her the legal documents. She is stunned to see this. He says that he cannot bear in the event that a more peculiar even contacts ansh or hurt him in any capacity. Yash attempts to make sense of that they dont hve a decision, since they wedded for their children’s and their bliss and for that they would need to call of their relationship today. He signs the papers himself and gives them to arti. She says that she wont have the option to make it happen. Yash comes upto her and turns her around to confront him, and says that she had guaranteed that she would be with him in great times and in awful times and that today she would need to satisfy that commitment for the good of ansh and his wellbeing. He reaches out towards her the legal documents. Arti has a decided look all over. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: As akash begins limping, suraj inquires as to whether he is harmed. When akash says no, suraj says that heshould show up with him, since he needs to go on a significant gathering and he ought to drive him there. As they go off, yash stops them and finds a path of blood from akash’s left leg and horrendous acknowledgment makes him heave in shock and frightfulness.


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