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Meet in love update Sundays 25th July 2022: Meet Ahlawat close pooja house go to God says today I’ll require your assistance since today I will hurt somebody who is near me for her great just so I can make Meet mine. Meet remaining behind him says I wish Manushi likewise love him they way he cherishes her. Meet Ahlawat attempt to light diya Meet strolls to him and help, says the course in which you are lighting diya is significant. Meet Ahlawat says you are correct and after so lengthy I feel like I ease up this diya for perfect individual and thinks this will take me to my objective which is Meet. Meet says did you appeal to God for Manushi right. Meet says OK and are you failing to remember something. Meet says OK I recollect that, I’ll leave today. Meet Ahlawat however in the wake of conversing with father and he leaves.

Meet tells God I guarantee him that for his bliss I’ll converse with Raj and I vow to myself too that I won’t ever make him extremely upset so if it’s not too much trouble, invigorate me and assist me with drawing out Manushi’s actual face by tracking down Kunal. Meet calls Kunal. Kunal see his telephone and hungs up, says I don’t know would it be advisable for me I trust him or not on the grounds that as of now individuals are searching for me due to my wreck. Meet says he is thinking carefully. I want yo have a go at another thing to get him since it’s significant for me. Kunal says I must be cautious ang get’s voice message from Natwarlal, whichs expresses that there is a young lady who presented herself as Kunal relative and cash is given and voice note finished, Kunal get terrified. Meet tells herself Kunal is attempting to act brilliant yet I’m more intelligent, presently he will call me. Kunal attempts to call Natwarlal, Meet intentionally continues to disregard his calls. Kunal says now he isn’t picking my call and attempt once more.

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Meet Ahlawat strolls to Manushi and begin blustering says I dont understand what sorcery she did on my father, he deals with like his own kid then me, for her he is prepared to toss me out of porperty land house business everything. Manushi get’s up says this can’t occur your mother loves you to such an extent. He says ofcourse she cherishes me however father is her significant other she will uphold just somewhat don’t you recall father constrained Meet to get hitched. Meet Ahlawat says it shouldn’t occur that due to Meet we free all that and wind up on street. Manushi says this cant happen in light of the fact that I returned for your property and cash. Meet Ahlawat says it’s alright I’m not passing judgment on you and everybody need stable relationship but rather our case is unique, Meet has ruined all that what could we at any point do now.

Kunal gets terrified on natwarlal enemy not picking the telephone and send a voice note which says don’t give my cash to anybody I’m coming to get it. Meet says I let you know Meet Ahlawat I’ll leave you for your satisfaction I surmise we were ment to be together just till here,but I will show you Manushi’s actual expectations.

Meet in love update Sundays 25th July 2022: Meet Ahlawat shares with Manushi, we need to track down a flimsy part to control her, she is near your mom as well, accomplish something since, in such a case that she goes tell Dad we will lose everything. Manushi says I have one thing yet no, Meet Ahlawat says its significant for our future, bliss, everything. Manushi says I have property papers of house, we can sell that and mummy and Dadi will be destitute and Meet won’t deal with that.
Meet Ahlawat picks Manushi and expresses out loud whatever an extraordinary thought, go get papers and I will manage Meet and request that she do as we say, Manushi says I will converse with Meet. Meet Ahlawat says no I ought to converse with Meet and Dad since we should be cautious, I will deal with and in the event that you don’t need this, we will carry on with an unfortunate life, Manushi says I am prepared and can do anything for my affection, Meet Ahlawat says you are so great, Manushi thinks will deal that unfortunate house and be a mogul, Manushi leaves.

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Slam and Lakhan blissful and moving, and supporting Meet, Meet dressed as Natwarlal, asks could she at any point be unmistakable, Ram Lakhan says no.
Meet Ahlawat hanging tight for Manushi, Manushi strolls in with papers, Meet Ahlawat embraces her and says I love you, nobody can isolate us.

Manushi at design show practices, Manushi being prepared, Manushi is asked where is her accomplice, Meet Ahlawat comes out chatting on telephone with Raj and breaks telephone. Meet Ahlawat tells Manushi, Raj found about them and has tossed them out of house, property and business.

Kunal strolls to Natwarlal, Natwarlal says come lets have tea or lassi, Kunal says stand by I will be back and goes get bag and says look I really improved back for cash, Meet portrays Manushi and says that young lady removed cash, here is her ID photograph, Kunal sees Manushi’s image and expresses out loud whatever did you do.

Meet Ahlawat says I have you Manushi my affection, I need nothing else. Manushi asks who told father, Meet Ahlawat says your sister, I needed to go on visits, extravagance excursion yet we are unfortunate now however your adoration is sufficient to make due.

Kunal says for what reason did you give her my cash, Natwarlal says she said she is your, Kunal says I know spouse, for what reason did this gibberish young lady come to my life, yet I left her why did you give her my cash, Meet thinks however Manushi wedded parth and he took her cash and took off, Meet as Natwarlal shares with Kunal, you are so amusing, how could you live such lovely young lady, Kunal says she is detestable sly young lady, and I wedded her two times.

Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat, we will make due with this affection for just 2 days, I realize love is significant yet so is cash, how will we respond when we get ravenous and all that battle will bring contrasts and not sentiment. Manushi says I have a thought… (Manushi recalls Babita giving her Ahlawat tribal adornments for style show).
Manushi says Meet Ahlawat this is hereditary adornments might be worth crores, so less deal it for cash, and take off and get hitched, atleast we needn’t bother with to be poor. Meet Ahlawat suspects as much this is your arrangement.

Meet in love update Sundays 25th July 2022: Kunal shares with Natwarlal, she is malevolent first hitched me Kunal on seventeenth July. Meet thinks this is the wedding date when she took off, Natwarlal says you are so dim, how could she do as such. Kunal says she simply looks blameless, come see these photos this is forst wedding photograph and afterward made me Parth and brought back home, she deceives her family how might I trust her, she lied she is pregnant and constrained her family to allow her to wed me and afterward took all gems, pushed her grandma, offended her mom. Meet thinks god she acted so awful with mummy and Dadi, this genuine face of her I need to show to Babita and Meet Ahlawat.

Pre cap: In style Meet Ahlawat strolls with Meet. Meet Ahlawat being fought by crowd, Meet says we will demonstrate immediately here who is the terrible one.


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