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Meet in love update Wednesday 21st July 2022: Meet Ahlawat in corridor. Manushi stops her and says could you at any point drop me to cleaners since I need to pick plan for Babita aunt so might you at any point kindly drop me. Meet Ahlawat says OK and leave. Manushi tells herself how could Meet be so dumb gave me simple undertaking presently I’ll call her from front seat and strolls to vehicle. Meet emerge. Manushi ask her what are you doing here. Meet Ahlawat says I called her is there any issue. Manushi says no I was simply inquiring. Meet Ahlawat says you need to take medication and have frozen yogurt come we will do both come sit with me on front seat. Meet strolls to vehicle and sit in front seat and says Manushi you can simply take a load off. Manushi sees her telephone says thank god I saw this message they will convey at house address so I should be here to get it you both can continue. Meet Ahlawat assist Meet with wearing safety belt. Meet thinks I prevent Manushi from finishing her test yet how might I ask Meet Ahlawat for dress.

Sunaina conversing with legal counselor on telephone saying I want to send a notification to Ahlawat family and an article in paper record it that I’m Mrs. Sunaina Tej Ahlawat and I have been hitched to Tej Ahlawat most recent 6 years which implies my ongoing marriage is legitimate, my other marriage was done strongly in single day which don’t allign with typical standards so kindly send notice as soon as could really be expected and distribute article in paper another thing I have no connection with Ravi. Legal advisor says you can definitely relax and disengages the call. Sunaina strolls to Ravi and says I’m unfortunately I really want to send this notification to your family with the goal that I can offer response to Masum. Masum hear everything from outside and saus I’ll give you answer Sunaina, your legitimate notification will come to house yet things will be referenced what I need.

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Meet in love update Wednesday 21st July 2022: Endlessly meet Ahlawat in room. Meet petition god says I need to ask him dress as per challenge yet I feel embarrassed in appealing to you how might I ask him. Meet Ahlawat give her water says now you won’t eat anything sleek or broil in some time you will be great and afterward we will ho to have frozen yogurt. Manushi strolls in says I want your assistance to convey dresses, Meet Ahlawat says OK and leaves. Manushi says I will enchant him with my magnificence as far as possible, Meet says he is my significant other, Manushi says OK however he will be mine and soon I will be little girl in law of this house.

Meet Ahlawat strolls in and says gives up Meet and Manushi, Manushi says she can’t come there is no space in vehicle, Meet Ahlawat says OK fine and both leave. Meet says its been long I haven’t hopped around.
Meet Ahlawat and Manushi reach close and sees there is no front seat. Meet strolls to them and says seat wasn’t turned out great thus I sent it to fix.
(Meet leaps of her room and changes seat)

Meet says Meet Ahlawat can arrive at botique with boxes and come let me drop you on bicycle. Meet Ahlawat says smart thought.
Manushi says to Meet you are a miscreant, Meet says let me enlighten Meet Ahlawat regarding void boxes, Manushi says shutup and even you haven’t made a difference with your test.

Raj sees Sunaina upset, and strolls to her. Sunaina and Tej supplicating, Raj asks Sunaina did anybody act mischievously with you once more, Sunaina says don’t stress over me, I have advanced now to battle and somebody showed me never to abandon confidence, Raj sayd I trust you and I am glad for you, and you will clearly win this battle.
Raj asks Tej what is he doing, Tej says pooja, Raj asks Sunaina did he eat anything, Sunaina says no, Raj says Tej accompany me we should have jalebi.

Meet contemplating how she will ask Meet Ahlawat, Meet composes on a paper yet tosses it, Meet Ahlawat gets it, and is on stand by with Deep, Meet sees Meet Ahlawat is picking paper balls she has tossed, Meet goes picks them. Meet Ahlawat picks his document and leaves.

Raj searching for his specs, Meet assists him and says with looking there, and casing is breaking, Raj says screw is free that is all there is to it, Meet says one moment stay here and on ipad shows him Lens kart application. Raj says how might I realize it suits me, Meet says it has AI component and will suggest you approaches checking your face. Raj says it’s awesome, extremely helpful.

Everybody in corridor, Meet Ahlawat gets bundle, Meet shares with Manushi look Meet Ahlawat requested my dress, Manushi says that is unimaginable and says I will go check and pulls the parcel and everybody gets stunned seeing the dress.
Meet arranged dress from Meet Ahlawat’s application and calls conveyance individual and says there are two conveyances and the night dress one I need it around evening time.

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Meet strolls to Meet Ahlawat and asks what is this, Isha says Meet Ahlawat I never realized you were so heartfelt, Meet Ahlawat murmurs to Meet I didn’t structure it, Meet says I met, Ahlawat says whats amiss with you, all are chuckling at me, Meet says alright let others giggle at me, I need to wear this, Meet Ahlawat says I will tell everybody I requested however why, Meet says I will go pack this and leaves.

Manushi stops Meet and says Meet Ahlawat looked stunned so I am certain he had hardly any familiarity with this, Meet says he did and he was stunned in light of the fact that this is private among us and this isn’t cheating, and everything is fair enamored and war and my significant other can never be yours.

Meet in love update Wednesday 21st July 2022: Meet goes to her ro sees dress and says I can never wear this, couldn’t give this what would it be advisable for me I do now, I will discard it and tosses of the window, it hits Meet Ahlawat strolling outside. Meet Ahlawat says for what reason did she request in the event that she needed to toss.

Meet says to discredit this letter, I need to get Kunal here.

Pre cap: Babita painting says Manushi let me know you eliminated front seat so she can’t win challenge. Meet Ahlawat strolls in and asks what challenge. Babita shows letter to Meet Ahlawat.


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