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Mehek on zee one, Thursday 28th April 2022 update

Mehek on zee one, Thursday 28th April 2022 update
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Mehek on zee one, Thursday 28th April 2022 update: Shaurya carries Mahek to Sharma house in his arms. Sheetal asks Sonal for what reason she is in his arms? Shaurya puts Mahek down, Pd embraces her and asks how are you? she says I have sprain in foot. Shaurya says we got secured in level, she had sprain so she couldnt walk and I couldnt carry my vehicle to your home so I needed to lift her in arms. Kanta says you might have recruited cart to come to our home, you dont know that since you have come here for first time yet Mahek lives here, she ought to be aware, she asks Mahek to gives up inside.

She hauls Mahek, Mahek turns and mouths thank you to Shaurya, he gestures, Mahek goes. Shaurya says I ought to leave, Sheetal says no, kindly come and sit. Shaurya sits.

Sheetal says I’m your large fan, you are so attractive, I ought to present myself, I’m their family companion, I’m Sheetal, meet my little girl Sonal Bhatia, PD requests that Nehal bring dish which Mahek cooked yesterday for him, Shaurya imagines that Mahek was not less that now I need to bear her entire day to day cleanser family. Sheetal says take me in your show, it will expand TRP. Jeevan and Ravi comes, they get some information about Mahek, Balwant says dont stress, your Mahek has come here in arms. She is inside, Mohit sees Shaurya and says self-important villain.

Nehal comes in her room and opens cabinet, she requests that Ajay break her quick, Ajay inhales vigorously and says I would have kicked the bucket, he hydrates, she says break my quick, he says sorry and makes Nehal hydrate and eat desserts, he is going to kiss her yet she says anyone can come, you leave, he goes out from window.

Sheetal takes selfie with Shaurya. Ajay is going out and sees Shaurya here? they have great associations that judge is here. Shaurya says I ought to get rolling, Mansi expresses sit tight for at some point, she requests that Nehal bring reward. Shaurya gets his mom’s call and says I stalled out with some work, I will come, I love you, he closes call. Sheetal gets out whatever childhood he has that he is saying I love you mother, such great youngster. Shaurya says I’m getting late, Ravi says you are not hitched that spouse should be sitting tight for your to break her quick, what will you eat? Shaurya says I cannot eat anything, Sheetal requests whom he is fasting? Jeevan says we are simply asking you eat with adoration, Pd says you are our visitor and visitor is God and we cannot make God leave without eating, sit child and eat, Shaurya gestures and sits. Sheetal says I will cause you to eat with my hands, she erroneously drops food on Shaurya’s shirt. Ravi gets out whatever did you do? Mansi says give me your shirt, I will clean it, Shaurya says I will clean myself, he requests washroom.

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Kanta is scouring demulcent on Mahek’s foot and is furious, Mahek attempts to converse with her and says chachi.. Kanta gets out whatever Chachi? what is happening mahek? dont let me imagine that I did botch by sending you to rivalry, I wont address such large cost for sending you, Mahek says there is nothing similar to that, dont you trust me? Shaurya is passing by her and listens their convo. Kanta says I trust you yet I dont trust these rich individuals, I see constantly about MMS embarrassments and all, working class young ladies like you are only one time a good time for them, they use and toss young ladies.

Mahek says I’m grieved, my telephone brokedown so I couldnt illuminate you, Kanta says you might have called from PCO when you escaped level, for what reason did you need to be in his arms? Mahek says there isn’t anything among me and Shaurya, we battle constantly, Kanta says you dont comprehend that he lifted you in his arms in any event, when he says he is your foe, you dont know contrast among us and him, their family doesnt have any practice, they just consideration about cash that is the reason their relations are pointless, they wed two, three young ladies, they go in one room yet emerges from various room. We live calmly however these individuals drink wine, eat meat and chicken that is the reason they are like creatures, they eat creatures and act like creatures, you ought to avoid Shaurya. Mahek says I’m grieved, I didnt utilize my psyche, I will do nothing to make you gripe, Kanta says I dont need you bear any aggravation, your mom gave your obligation so I dont need to frustrate your folks. Shaurya blows up and leaves. Kanta says gives up first floor, you need to break your quick as well, Mahek reviews how Shaurya broke her quick before just and says gives up.

Shaurya comes in relax, Jeevan requests that he plunk down and eat, Shaurya glares him, yanks his hand away and leaves. Ravi says it seems like he saw phantom, he is peculiar. Mansi says Sheetal you drove him mad,

Scene 2Jeevan sees moon in sky, Ravi says spouses wont beat us today, will contact our feets, it feels unusual, they snicker. Kanta.

Mansi and Mahek break their fast.At shaurya’s home, his mom breaks her quick. Vaitlana is drinking wine seeing any remaining ladies breaking quick. She says to shaurya’s father in the event that he needs wine assuming he is liberated from breaking her quick? Shaurya comes there and is as yet pondering Kanta’s evil words about him and his loved ones. Mother comes to Shaurya and asks what was the deal? Vaitlana says your child has grown up, its challenging to keep up with such countless lady friends all at once, right Shaurya? Shaurya glares her, Vaitlana offers him wine yet says I failed to remember you drink milk, shaurya says fools enjoy cash to consume their bodies with wine, Vaitlana says and sharp individuals utilize their past to consume themselves, Shaurya gazes her. Mother expresses enough of your entertaining discussions, supper is prepared, she requests that all visitors head inside, she asks Shaurya to gives up, Vaitlana leaves. father says to shaurya that I need to converse with you, I’m your dad, in the event that you give me regard and act appropriately infront of visitors, it will be better, I have asked your mom, she will make sense of for you. Shaurya says you flaunt everything so I dont have anything to flaunt, he leaves.

Mehek on zee one, Thursday 28th April 2022 update: Shaurya comes to his room, mother comes there and requests that he have supper, he says I’m not eager, mother says why? I have made your #1 dish and its not sleek, I dont know whether you ate anything entire day or not. Vaitlana comes there and expresses caps off. Mother says enough Vaitlana, I didnt make issue outside infront of visitors yet no more words now, Vaitlana drinks wine and says didi dramatization began in this house 23years back when you wedded that misrepresentation, I’m simply having great time and I have now propensity for making fun, shaurya says address your propensity, Vaitlana says drink red wine, its great for wellbeing, let your mom know that you ate, smudges on your garments are appearing, seems like you went to break quick of some young lady, Shaurya reviews it Mahek’s quick to break.

Sharma family is having supper, Mahek is lost in contemplations of Shaurya, their minutes at flat.Shaurya reviews Kanta’s evil words for rich individuals, how they use young ladies and discard them, that individual like Shaurya doesnt have habits, they just regard cash, how he is like creature since they eat creatures. Shaurya calls Ankita and requests that she forward Mahek Sharma’s number.

Mehek on zee one, Thursday 28th April 2022 update: Kanta requests that Mahek have supper. Mahek gets call from Shaurya, she is staggered and says from where did you get my number? he says dont pose doltish inquiries, on the off chance that you family is with you, put telephone on speaker. Mahek lets Kanta know that tell Shaurya is calling and requesting to put telephone on speaker, Kanta requests that she get it done, Mahek puts telephone on speaker. Shaurya says I need to welcome all of you on India’s supercook rivalry, I need all of you cheer for Mahek when she is cooking, I believe all of you should come tomorrow, extraordinarily Mahek’s chachi, Kanta, you need to come, will you? Kanta gazes Mahek, she thinks. Jeevan says dont stress, we will all come, Shaurya great, great night Mahek, he closes call.

Mahek is in her room and expresses whatever he might be thinking? why he is calling my loved ones? canine’s tail can never fix. Shaurya calls her once more, he gets out whatever would you say you are feeling that the way in which canine’s tail got fix? Mahek says dont drag mu family in this, you dont like me that is fine however not my loved ones. Shaurya says I dealt with you today, broke your quick and brought you home

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