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Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Friday 10th December 2021:The Episode starts with Shaurya insulting Anokhi a lot. He says you are having a problem with my touch, even I m quite rich and famous, you want to use people and climb the ladder, you don’t want genuine respect, you don’t care for it. She asks am I loose character. He says yes, I wish you weren’t our institute’s student. She says I didn’t know your thinking is so cheap, its easy for the world to raise a finger at a girl’s character, I came here to study, not to get insulted, I don’t want to study in this institute. He stops her. He says you do the mistakes, you made me the villain, this drama won’t work in front of me, you manipulate people, go to meet Ahir, cry on his shoulder, he is a bachelor, right, you would know, he is young, dynamic and has a stable job, you can

use the marriage or affair card. Anokhi shouts enough and pushes him away. She asks how can you keep such a bad thinking, enough, I won’t stay in this college, this city, fine if my career gets ruined, I will go back to my small town, people respect each other there, nothing is imp to me than my respect. Anokhi runs. She gets hurt.

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Shaurya stays angry. He thinks she is just enjoying the attention. She sits crying. He says my thinking is cheap, she thinks her deeds aren’t cheap. Anokhi says I will ask him what did I do, I have left the college. Anokhi goes home. Aastha and Shaan have panipuri. Aastha asks her to see what Shaan got for her. Anokhi says I m leaving this city. Shaan and Aastha ask what happened. Anokhi packs her bag. Aastha asks did anyone say anything. Anokhi says I want to go to my mum, its enough. Aastha says fine, but tell me what happened.

Anokhi thinks you won’t like it if I tell you. She says this city is big, there is no place for me. Aastha asks did anyone say anything, did Shaurya say anything, answer me. Anokhi hugs her. Aastha asks what did he say, I m not his mum now, I m your Aastha’s mam, you left the marriage and came to me by trusting me, trust me and tell me everything. She says I went to police station to report the incident, Shaurya had come there. She tells everything. She says who keeps such cheap thinking, I didn’t come here to see this, I will go home, I won’t stay here. Shaan and Aastha cry.

Shaurya comes home. Devi asks him to listen. Shaan comes and shouts Shaurya, I need to talk to you, how could you fall so low. Shaurya asks what are you saying. Shaan says don’t get in between, its between me and my son.

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Shaurya asks what is it. Shaan says its about you and Anokhi, why did you humiliate her, you want to ruin her career, she is leaving the college because of you. Alok smiles. Shaan says she is hardworking, she works in the canteen to pay the fees. Devi asks who told you. Shaan says Aa…..

Mismatched Friday 10th December 2021:Aastha asks Anokhi to have golgappas. Anokhi says I want to go from here. Aastha says think again. Anokhi says no, my dreams broke down. Aastha says fine, I will also come along, but we have to make Shaurya realize his mistake, tell Shaurya that you are going away because of him, he should know what he did, words are powerful to change someone’s life, we will tell this to him.

Shaurya says so she reached you to complain, she knows to use her links, that’s what I told her, you don’t need to help her, she isn’t innocent, she is using you. Shaan asks him to stop it. Shaurya says Anokhi brought problems for us, she is trying to enter our lives, why do you care for such cheap poor people. Shaan raises hand and stops.

Mismatched Friday 10th December 2021:Shaan says she isn’t cheap, you are cheap, your thinking is disgusting, and your upbringing… He sees Devi. He says I m ashamed of you Shaurya. He leaves. Devi gets angry. Anokhi says I won’t go back to college, I can’t tolerate if Shaurya tells me anything.

Aastha says you also scold him. Anokhi says I will go back. Aastha says you will stay at your home. Anokhi says no, I can’t stay there, can I stay with you. Aastha says sure, you can stay with me in my house. Anokhi thanks her for support. She hugs Aastha. Aastha goes. Anokhi says I will go to college, but somewhere else before that.

Tej says you are rusticated from the college because you were caught cheating in the exam. Anokhi says its a lie. Shaurya says you aren’t going anywhere, I will handle them. Anokhi asks why do you want to stop me.


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