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Mismatched Monday 10th January 2022:The Episode begins with Reema getting some information about Shaurya. Anokhi figures I can’t tell you. Reema informs her regarding a class, SIAC will send the best 10 understudies and furthermore bear the movement and lodging costs. Anokhi says I will make a point to go. Reema gets some information about Shaurya once more. Anokhi gets Ahir’s call. Reema goes. Ahir requests that Anokhi come and meet him at a bistro. Anokhi asks is Babli fine. Ahir says OK, there’s actually no need to focus on her, recently come. She says I m coming. Devi and Shagun see the arrangements. Devi requests that Shaurya help Shagun. Shagun says I will waitlist the plans. Kanchan asks how long will you affront us. Gayatri says fail to remember it, don’t take her words on her heart, you ought to have constant till now like I got.

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Mismatched Monday 10th January 2022:Anokhi goes to meet Anokhi. She asks is there any shock. He gives her roses. He says you know the importance of various roses, white rose can be given to anybody, yellow rose for my dearest companion. She expresses gratitude toward him. He gives her the red rose. She stresses. He says you would know the significance of this rose, I love you Anokhi ji. She gets stunned. He asks what occurred. She says this can’t occur. He inquires as to why. She says you realize I love Shaurya. He says you cherished him, you both had a separation, you said you both have no connection, let me know if you would rather avoid me. She says no, I respected you my closest companion. He says sorry, I thought nothing off-base, I regard you a ton, I like you, I love you and need to wed you. She says I can’t wed you. He says I realize you have vocation objectives, I will pause, you can set aside time, then, at that point, we will wed. She says no, I can never wed you. He asks however for what good reason. She says since I previously got hitched to Shaurya, whom I love.

He gets stunned. She shows the sindoor. He cries. Shagun goes to show plans to Shaurya. He says I m occupied. She requests that he see once. He yells on her. He asks what’s going on, I will not wed you, I previously got hitched. Devi asks what, you got hitched, when did you get hitched, with whom, how should you not tell it to me. He yells Badimaa. His fantasy breaks. Shagun asks where are you lost, see this. He asks did you take prescriptions Badimaa. Devi says Shagun will give me medication. He asks are you a child, you will not get fine assuming that you don’t take prescriptions, I m hanging tight for you to get fine. Devi says I will take it. Kanchan looks on. Shaurya causes Devi to eat meds. He says I mean you need to deal with yourself, sorry, I can’t pursue you generally, Tej and Alok went for new grounds arrangements, I need to see this grounds work. He goes. Shagun says I surmise he was unable to acknowledge our commitment, we ought to invest energy, simply both of us, assuming that you say as much. Devi says fine, make some arrangement and tell me, I will converse with him. Shagun says sure. Devi says he left his telephone here. Shagun says I will give it to him.

Anokhi says sorry Ahir, yet I m not sorry, you are seeing right. She cries. She says whatever occurred, I m sorry, whatever I said, I m not sorry, I came clean, I m wedded now, its reality, I m not embarrassed or liable. Ahir says I m additionally not sorry, I came clean with you, I m not embarrassed or liable. He asks when did this occur, did you tell anybody, Babli… She says you are the main individual. Kitty and Bebo converse with Shaurya. He says there is no party, we don’t need to discuss it. Shagun comes. He says I mean there is no party this moment, Devi is recuperating, she is invigorated, you become capable. Shagun looks on. He says this news shouldn’t spill. Shagun gives the telephone to him. He says you failed to remember this on the table. He says I genuinely want to believe that you additionally heard it. She says I will go along, pause. He drives off. Bebo expresses what’s going on with you. Kitty says he didn’t see Shagun and left her. Shagun becomes irate.

Anokhi says I have consistently respected you my dearest companion, did I lose my companion. Ahir says never, I will forever be your dearest companion. She asks will you stay discreet. He says I won’t tell Babli or anybody. She expresses gratitude toward him. She says I m actually confounded, however I m cheerful, don’t have a clue, I believe I generally needed this, you gave me all the best, I realize it will truly help me, thank you Ahir.

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Mismatched Monday 10th January 2022:Shaurya comes to the school. Understudies welcome him. He says don’t have a clue when will this commitment show end. He sees the ring. Anokhi and Reema are there. Shaurya eliminates the ring and keeps it in his pocket. He sees Anokhi and grins. Anokhi sees him. He says hello there… He messages her. She keeps the telephone. He takes the espresso mug. He welcomes everybody. He says I have some work with Anokhi, something truly pixie. Anokhi asks what. He asks will I say, it will be formally declared today, I will illuminate you, one week from now, there is a course, I need to illuminate you folks that main 10 understudies will be going, since Anokhi is a class clincher, she will likewise go to Delhi and lead different understudies. He says Reema, I really want to brief her, if it’s all the same to you. Reema says sure. She goes. Anokhi says I need to finish task, I will meet you later. He says I have sent Reema for this, do you act like this with your hubby, what will occur assuming you say it once. She requests that he stop it. He says I m still the HOD and overseer of this foundation, I will yell out your complete name, Mrs. Anokhi Shaurya Saberwal.

Anokhi asks what happened now. Shaurya says I m happy you know your privileges, simply a spouse can come to husband’s lodge without thumping, welcome to my lodge, we ought to do some rasam. Shagun looks on stunned.

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