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Mismatched Monday 29th November 2021 : The episode starts with Devi saying it’s good you came here, he really hated us, I just came here for humanity, Tej would be angry at me here, I thought of meeting Aastha, who was part of the Sabharwal family, I thought of Asking him away from our lives, because you wounded seeing him, he scolded me. Aastha said you lied. Devi asked him to decide now. Aastha says you always do this. Shaurya said I could not tolerate much against Devi, you have no moral and values. Rama called Anokhi and asked how Aastha was. Anokhi said he realized now, I was worried before. Rama cries and ends the call. Rama Thank you Rani’s eyes. Shaurya scolded Aastha.

He defended Devi. He said you called Shaan when you fell in a problem, the hospital was expensive and this expensive room, did you want anything else, you get this good treatment because of my family, Devi gets this care to me, you never meet, now you come to claim the right to family and sons. Aastha cries. He said only Devi was my mother, you gave me birth, but I will never accept you as my mother, do you understand it. Anokhi looks surprised.

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He thought Aastha was Ibum Shaurya. Shaurya scolded anokhi. Anokhi replied again. He said we respect the relationship, Aastha is honored to us, if he is my teacher then he is your mother, how can someone talk to my mother like this. Devi rebuked him.

Mismatched Monday 29th November 2021 Aastha said no need to say anything anokhi. Devi said so he was Anokhi, Aastha played the game using it. He asked him not to interfere in their personal matters. Anokhi said you spoke harshly to Aastha on campus too, what students would learn. Shaurya said it was a waste of time, come on. Leave Devi and Shaurya. Shaan looks. Anokhi comforted him. Shaan came and asked if Devi and Shaurya came here, why did you cry. Aastha hugged her.

He said I didn’t care what Devi said about me, I heard Shaurya hate me, he had told me today, his hatred was justified, it was our fight, why he was punished. Shaan said it was fine, he had to know how to talk to his mother, I would leave and talk to him. He stopped him.

He said you won’t talk to him, if you also lost him like I lost him, so I couldn’t forgive myself. Shaan hugged him. Devi asked Shaurya how he came here. Shaurya said I saw your car and came to see, why did you come here. He said sometimes people wanted to do good, but the others did not accept, leaving him, going home, I would make something good for you. He said thank you but I have to go to college. He said alright, be careful. He came home and scolded Gayatri and Kanchan.

Shaan came and said it wasn’t a gayatri mistake, I called them in the hospital. Devi asks if you ask them to lie, Shaan, tell me, will they go anywhere, they have to think if Aastha has concern for us, Kanchan is new but Gayatri is here when Aastha leaves home. Kanchan said the relationship between Gayatri was good with Aastha. Devi rebuked him.

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Tej said when a student made a mistake in college, we told parents, we told your parents too, go and stay with them for several days. Shaurya remembers Aastha. Anokhi comes and says you vent anger on the wrong thing. He rebuked him.

He asked why you were so angry, Aastha was your mother. He asks what you know about him. He said you didn’t think of his condition. He said only caring for him. He said he had just come out of commas, if something happened to him, then you couldn’t forgive yourself, he was very sick, he cried and blamed himself. He said finally, he knew he was guilty.

Mismatched Monday 29th November 2021 :He said you struggled for Babi, you said you didn’t like it when someone insulted a woman, you insulted your mother. He said two things looked the same when viewed from afar, but the truth was different. He said yes, Mum couldn’t be evil. He said he was grateful that you were not in my place, what did you know

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