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Mismatched Monday 3rd January 2022:The Episode begins with Shaurya seeing the ring and stressing. Shagun says kindly relax, all will be well, OK. He furiously leaves. He eliminates the ring and tosses it. Kanchan comes. She gets the ring. She says don’t tell me, Devi did this. He asks what. He wears the ring back. Shagun says all around good done. Devi grins and gets up from the bed. She says guardians do a great deal for their kids’ advancement, they lie, do a dramatization and drag seemingly insignificant details, they get excused on the grounds that their goals are great, I got you connected with to Shaurya, Anokhi won’t ever returned his life. Shagun expresses gratitude toward her.

Mismatched Monday 3rd January 2022:Shaurya says this ring doesn’t make any difference to me, just Anokhi matters to me, when Devi gets fine, I will dispose of this ring and Shagun.Kanchan asks did you meet Anokhi. He says no, she went to Chandigarh. He figures she can’t disappear from me, I will go to her and end her indignation, disturbance… Babli asks are you welcoming issues by getting me to the inn. Anokhi says its fine, they can simply request that I pay fine. Babli says I will return home tomorrow to get my gear. Anokhi says all that will get fine with time. Babli goes to wash her dupatta. Ahir helps Anokhi. He says I will arrange food, or make whatever you say. She expresses gratitude toward him. He asks her not to be formal. She says its required, be it sorry, much appreciated or I love you, one shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to say this, occasionally a touch of defer makes it past the point of no return, we should simply say sorry and thanks in fellowship and end it. Ahir says I m thinking to say, not get late. She asks what. He says I like you. She gets up. He says I like your idea, to say anything without thinking, relax, no compelling reason to get terrified of anybody. He goes.

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Anokhi says I have tan and torment from Goa, I need to ease up both, I can’t fail to remember Shaurya, I need to zero in on my studies. Shaurya and his family returned home. Devi says I will remain here for quite a while, I feel suffocated comfortable. Gayatri says as you like. Everybody goes for their work. Devi requests that Shaurya converse with her, is he disturbed. Shaurya requests that she take rest, not pressure. He says have prescriptions on schedule, don’t take pressure. Shagun gives the drugs. She says I should return home. Devi inquires as to why, we need to design your commitment work. Reema inquires as to for what reason didn’t you let me know what all occurred. Anokhi asks how might I say it.

Mismatched Monday 3rd January 2022:Shesays Shaurya will get fine soon. Reema asks are you fine, will you get fine. Anokhi searches for a space for Babli. She says I will proceed to come. Shagun asks are you certain. Devi says you should figure like this family, you will become Saberwal soon, we will get you both wedded when your folks return from US. Shaurya requests that Devi have the juice, deal with wellbeing. He goes.

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Mismatched Monday 3rd January 2022:Anokhi asks Babli are you prepared for your new life. Babli says OK, and you… Anokhi says me as well, we need to give some an ideal opportunity to one another, all that will get fine. She gets Babli’s pack. Babli and Anokhi eat the curd. Babli says you will deal with the present circumstance well. They embrace. Anokhi leaves. Shaurya comes there. Anokhi goes to ask at the sanctuary. Shaurya asks Reema did you see Anokhi. Reema says she isn’t here, she went out, perhaps you will observe her at the bus station. He says thanks to her. Anokhi is at the sanctuary. She lights a diya and appeals to God for her new life. Shaurya comes there. He sees her and goes to embrace. She gets stunned.

Shaurya stops Anokhi and fills her maang with sindoor.


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