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Mismatched Monday 6th December 2021: The episode begins with Anokhi ask Aastha why you hear bitter words of Shaurya. Aastha says at least he spoke to me. He said I should go to the back of my responsibility. Anokhi said no, I want to be with you. Aastha says you have to try and understand Shaurya, you are a bright student, you are a student Shaurya now. Anokhi nodded. Devi stopped Shaan.

Shaan says I’m tired, good night. He asks her to sign the papers and put an end to this problem. He asked what the rush, wait for two days. He asked why, if there is a good mahurat. He got a call this Aastha. He says I got a call imp, do not worry, I will do the needful. She went to answer the call. He asks how are you. He says you seem to be worried, is everything okay. He said no matter what I do with my flat. He said Shaurya came to apologize, why he did not tell you. Shaan said no, I did not meet him, I was with Alok, I’ll call you later. He asked what was wrong. He said nothing, I’ll call you back. He was cut off. Anokhi ask you fine. Aastha says yes. Shaan says Shaurya would say this at home, so Devi give a certificate of divorce. He sat worry. Shaurya come.

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He asked where you were. Shaan says I’m not what you think. Shaurya says yes, I know. Shaan asks what you say Aastha. Shaurya say maybe you’re busy and do not get a detailed report. Shaan asks him to speak directly. Shaurya say fine, I hope you do not move there. They argue. Shaan says no one has a real concern for the relationship here. Shaurya say you decide to divorce Aastha, high time, he seemed comfortable in your flat, he can get the expectation of action mislead you, everyone needs to be clear, he did not know that you are divorcing. Shaan scolds him. Her morning, some thugs follow Anokhi. Ahir come and help him. He said I was too late to go to college and take a shortcut. He tells you to take the risk, I’ll drop you, come. He asked about the Babli. She said she was fine. He asked about Aastha.

She said she was fine, Shaan want me to stay with him for a few days, she cares for her. He said they have a love between them even when they’re not like the Babli and Vineet, I will send a warning to Vineet. Anokhi say yes, I’ll tell Babli fend for itself. He asked me to drop you now. He said yes. They smile. He thanked him. Shaurya see them, talking and smiling. He breaks the signal and go.

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Mismatched Monday 6th December 2021: Ahir said do not know why people are in a hurry. Anokhi say do not know what their emergency. Shaurya talk to the traffic police. He paid the Challan. He thought it was getting worse. Anokhi friends praised his courage. Shaurya come and say sorry, I’m late. students joke on him. He said the syllabus we’re ending, I’m resigned as a lecturer, his class our last. Bebo and Kitty asks what happened. He said the management’s decision, I’m going to SIAC Patiala, a new teacher will be joining soon. They asked who it was. Shaurya says I do not know, do not trouble the new teacher. He viewed Anokhi.

Mismatched Monday 6th December 2021: The students get angry Shaurya left. Anokhi hearing students. Kitty and Bebo angry with himself. Reema asks Anokhi of the riots. Anokhi told her everything. He gives credit to Ahir for saving her. Shaurya look and go. Anokhi go to him and ask you to leave college because of me. He asks when did you get so imp. He asks why you left, the students want you here. She scolds him and say you do not know me. She said I know you, you hide your emotions well. He said what would happen if I show my emotions, you do not understand anything, I’m happy to leave, go and talk to great people around you, not me. He goes.

Anokhi work in the cafe. The same thugs come to college. They see Anokhi.



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