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Mismatched On Star Life Friday 14th January 2022: The Episode begins with Anokhi seeing Shaurya’s name on her hand. He moves. She disappears and washes her hand. She says I told you, I have no connection with you. Babli and Kanchan come there and inquire as to for what reason did you get Shaurya’s name on your hand. Anokhi says no, I didn’t finish this. Babli says its wrong. Anokhi says I didn’t have the foggiest idea. Gayatri prods her.

Aastha figures simply some time now, then, at that point, you will cry bittersweet tears satisfaction. Devi sees the video of Shaurya’s mehendi. Aastha converses with her father on a video call. She requests that Rama and Bhalla not have any convention from now, she is their Samdhan now. She embraces Rama. Shaurya asks Anokhi did she wash off her mehendi. She says I can’t take care of business with the mehendi on my hands. He says OK, you might accomplish your work. He begins contending with her and calls attention to the blemishes in the food to prevent her from going. Everybody looks on and grins.

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He requests that she taste it herself. Aastha eats the food and says there is a walk in the park in it, salt and pepper are fine, this is astounding. Everybody grins. Shaurya signs everybody that he made it happen. Ahir says astounding Shaurya. Anokhi chastens Shaurya. Ahir says this is called a response, Shaurya tracked down a decent method for taking care of Anokhi. Aastha says OK, he can’t see Anokhi hungry. Everybody moves. Alok comes there and chides Gayatri and Kanchan. He requests that they come. Shaan says I m the oldest individual from the family, I have no protest that they are here. Kanchan expresses gratitude toward Shaan. Alok leaves.

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Mismatched On Star Life Friday 14th January 2022: Ahir slams into Vineet. He says I need to meet everybody. Ahir attempts to stop. Vineet gets down on Bhalla. He meets Rama and Bhalla. Bhalla says Shaurya did something to be thankful for to welcome Vineet, the whole family is together. Vineet says family is breaking, Babli is separating from me. Everybody gets stunned. Shaurya and Ahir attempt to conceal reality. They take Vineet outside and dump him. Vineet yells. Shaurya says I don’t need undesirable visitors in my marriage. Ahir chides Vineet and asks him not to be around Babli once more. Bhalla asks what is Vineet talking about.

Anokhi says don’t call him a child in-law, he doesn’t merit it. Vineet says I previously told them. Bhalla and Rama request that Babli say it, for what reason did she conceal such something major. Bhalla reprimands Babli. Anokhi says you have no clue, what she endured, you never stood firm for herself, so she stood firm for herself. Alok says astounding, we just knew Anokhi, everybody is here. Rama says we will go to the room and talk.

Mismatched On Star Life Friday 14th January 2022: Bhalla apologizes to everybody. Alok contends and leaves. Shaan attempts to quiet down Babli. Kitty and Bebo like the show. Shaurya calls Shagun and says thanks to her. Shagun says I m generally there for you, any way, partake in your day, I would rather not upset you. Alok comes to Shagun. Shagun says I will simply get your family name, Shaurya, I need to stop this marriage, however how. Alok says I m hurt seeing your state, you did a great deal for Shaurya, I m with you, yet I can do nothing on the front, simply back end. Aastha sings a melody. Shaurya requests that Anokhi sing.

Reema requests that Anokhi let Shaurya know if she cherishes him, don’t botch this opportunity. Anokhi hurries to Shaurya and embraces him. She cries.


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