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Mismatched On Star Life Saturday 22nd January 2022
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Mismatched Saturday 1st January 2022: The Episode begins with Anokhi heading outside and sitting dismal. Ahir comes to her. Devi and Shaan ask Shaurya how is he. Shaurya asks where is Anokhi. Aastha goes to call Anokhi. Devi says we will take Shaurya home, call a specialist home. Aastha embraces Anokhi and expresses profound gratitude for saving Shaurya’s life, you are bold, accompany me, you ought to be there. Anokhi says no, he is with family, I ought to be here. Shaan and Yash get Shaurya outside. Shaurya sees Anokhi and goes to her. Shagun acquires the vehicle between and stops Shaurya. Shagun takes Shaurya with him. He stops Shagun and says I m alright. He goes to Anokhi. He tumbles down. Everybody holds him. Anokhi cries.

Shaurya leaves with Shagun and family. Devi sees Anokhi and expresses profound gratitude. Anokhi says don’t say, you would fault me in the heart. Devi says its not off-base. Anokhi says its not right, you got your lost child, I got my lost regard, you faulted me for losing you, you got him as a result of me. She leaves. Shaurya is resting. Devi come and asks how is he, doctored come. Gayatri says OK, specialist actually look at him. Devi asks did he request tests. Yash says we will finish tests. Shaurya says I m fine, I simply need to meet Anokhi and clear her questions.

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Shagun cries and leaves. Ahir asks Anokhi are you fine. She says no, however I will be fine. They come to Babli’s room and see Vineet restricted. Babli watches out for Vineet. Vineet pushes Anokhi and Ahir. He flees. Ahir follows him. Devi asks what happened Shagun, for what reason did you come out. Shagun says before Shaurya removed me, I thought to leave. Devi says you were so certain previously, what happened now. Shagun says you were in support of myself, I think you are in support of Anokhi now. Devi says I would rather avoid her. Shagun says you said Aastha that you fouled up to push Shaurya, don’t say you didn’t tell this. Ahir pursues Vineet. Anokhi and Babli see Vineet running and follow.:CLICK HERE TO READ Mismatched Starlife Full story ,Teasers, Cast  Summary

Mismatched Saturday 1st January 2022: Anokhi makes Vineet tumble down. Shagun says you showed me a major example, we shouldn’t believe anybody, I came here on your platitude, I believed you, you think Anokhi is the most ideal best for him. Ahir captures Vineet. Vineet says I will see every one of you, I m an attorney. Ahir says you know how long will you get imprisoned for abducting. Police takes Vineet. Vineet says I won’t leave anybody. Devi asks what’s going on did I say, I had told this since I needed Shaurya to wed you. Shagun says get him hitched to Anokhi, he will be glad regardless of whether his life gets demolished. Devi stops her. Anokhi asks are you fine. She embraces Babli and says we will make everything fine. Babli says OK, we must be solid. Ahir grins and gives her dupatta. He asks were you in police previously. Babli grins. He says you are bold. They recognize Babli. Anokhi says everybody is with Shaurya to deal with him. Devi says its concluded that Shaurya will wed just you, not Anokhi, whatever it takes. Shagun says thanks to her and embraces.

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Mismatched Saturday 1st January 2022: She thinks a lot of things are in question for me. Shaan says let him rest, he will have soft spot for certain days, we need to deal with him. Aastha cries. Shaan consoles her and says Shaurya is fine, he is with us. She says I will leave. He asks her not to stress. She says he will be fretful to meet Anokhi. Anokhi dozes. Babli says she was drained, she rested, she will have her own inquiries when she awakens, what occurred there. Ahir says Shaurya needed to meet her and felt unwell. She says poor Anokhi. He says she is extremely courageous. Babli says in the event that a thing is hit over and again, it breaks, this shouldn’t occur with her mental fortitude. He says no, we are there for her. She says we need to get her far from Shaurya. He says OK, she saved Shaurya, his family accused her, they can do anything, they fixed his commitment without his desire, it can happen when she needs, its her life, her choice. He goes. Babli appeals to God for Anokhi.

Devi acts unwell and gets Shaurya connected with to Shagun. Shaurya meets Anokhi and fills sindoor in her maang.


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