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Mismatched Saturday 27th November 2021: The episode starts with Shaan entertaining Aastha. He laughed and said don’t make me laugh, it hurts me. Anokhi entered. He cried for Aastha. Shaurya said she was busy in shifting Aastha from a hospital to another hospital, I had to know this from Anokhi. Tej and Devi saw. Anokhi asks who shoots you. Aastha said I was fine. Shaan said he said he didn’t remember anything.

Aastha said I didn’t want to talk about it. Shaan said I had filed a complaint of the police, the police would investigate. Anokhi asked why someone did this. Shaan said Aastha was stubborn. Anokhi went called a doctor. Aastha asked her to be careful and spoke in front of Anokhi, she didn’t know about them. He said sorry, but Anokhi was smart, he would finish this puzzle soon.

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Tej said she didn’t even ask me before admitting it at the hospital. Alok asks how Aastha needs it. Shaurya said she knew what she wanted. Devi said yes, Aastha was serious, she was shot, but she had Shaan by her side. Shaurya said I didn’t care what they did, when Shaan returned, I’ll talk to him, I had to do something if he didn’t agree. The doctor said he was fine, he would feel pain after surgery.

The police came to investigate this case. Aastha Inspector’s question. He said I didn’t remember, I passed, some people fought there, I was shot, I reached the wrong place at the wrong time. He asked where you left. He said at home. The inspector thanked him and left.

Mismatched Saturday 27th November 2021: Anokhi asked Shaan to go home and rest, he would stay back with Aastha. Shaan said alright, contact me if there is an emergency. He returned home. Everyone faces him. He said Aastha was not present at the hospital, so I claimed to be in another hospital, will I call her old parents and ask them to attend her, she was shot and bleeding, she was my wife, my responsibility. Devi argues. He asked her to think of anything that they want. Shaurya came and said I would say it now, if you can’t leave the woman, then I left this house.

Shaan said it was an immature thing, you punished me for caring for my wife, alright, I would take care of her until she was fine. Shaurya said alright, I’ll leave. Devi said he stopped him, you had to be ashamed of Shaan, if Shaurya went somewhere, then I would not forgive you. Shaurya packed his bag and came. Devi and Alok stop it. Tej Devi asked to say something to stop Shaurya.

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Shaan says if you all have a problem with me, then I will leave home, no one cares about me, I will always care about Aastha. Tej said no one needs to leave home. He asked Kanchan to bring Shaurya’s bag to his room. Shaan said don’t say anything, I’m too tired, I’ll rest in my room, Shaurya meets your mother at the hospital once.

Morning, Bebo and Kitty gave a petition for additional classes. They said Anokhi did not go to college today, he must be with his teacher. Shaurya asked them not to gossip and focus on their studies. He signed and gave paper papers. Shaan comes.

Aastha asked Anokhi not to miss college and focus on the study. Anokhi will ask doctors and nurses give you dine out and spend time. Aastha smiled and asked whoever other people came to see me. He is sad.

He began to feel unwell. He fainted. They are worried. Anokhi asked him to open his eyes. He prayed. Shaan asked the doctor what happened to Aastha. The doctor said actually, he had sneaked into a coma. He asked what. The doctor said we would monitor his condition. They cry.

Mismatched Saturday 27th November 2021; Gayatri read the message, Aastha was in a coma. He cries. He went to Shaurya and said I knew you were stressed and confused, read Shaan’s message. Shaurya turned. He said the meeting Aastha, maybe he’s getting better, I advise that you do not regret it later. Shaan says we should not lose courage. Anokhi say yes. Someone come there wearing a hoodie. It shaurya. Aastha aware and see it.

Shaurya argues with Aastha. Anokhi said Shaurya is the son of Aastha.



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