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Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Starlife Full story:Serasi tells the story of Shaurya, a Chauvinist who believes that the future of every girl belongs to the kitchen. He was in a surprise when he crossed the road with Anokhi, a girl who seemed normal but hardworking.

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Full Story Summary :
Shaurya Saberwal belongs to a rich family in Chandigarh. He is a modern misogynist and believes that women must be limited from learning and working. He had such properties because his mother left him in his childhood reluctant to pursue his career for the help and support of old parents, while he was influenced by his uncle and aunt’s thoughts. On the other hand, Anokhi Bhalla is an ambitious and stubborn girl, is willing to mark the community. Having a completely different ideology, he felt that patriarchal and women must try to live on their terms.The story begins with the involvement of Shaurya with her old boyfriend, Shagun. However, on Engagement Day, Shagun revealed to Shaurya that he was willing to go to Cambridge to learn further. A Shaurya was reluctant to ask him to choose between the life of marriage and Cambridge. Shagun chose to follow him dreaming while Shaurya was angry with engagement breaks. On the other hand, the anokhi study in the same college where Shaurya’s mother, Aastha, is a professor. Aastha strongly supports Anokhi.Anokhi participated in the debate competition where he spoke to the need for women to become independent. He won the competition and will be given by none other than Shaurya, who is a guest of honor of the competition. After the competition, Aastha wants to meet her son, Shaurya. When he was about to leave, Aastha walked towards him and tried to talk to him.Shaurya refused to talk to him and behave with him very rude. Anokhi saw this from a distance and came in between them. He confronted Shaurya for the wrong behavior and asked him to apologize Aastha. Shaurya refused and left. Anokhi did not know that Shaurya was Aastha’s son.Anokhi’s father repaired his marriage to Orthodox and alcoholic people, Monty, many Anokhi, Babi, and Rama’s reluctance. Anokhi was in-laws allowing him to continue his studies after marriage in Toronto, Canada. But, the actual color of the family revealed when he accidentally heard Monty’s conversation where he discussed his wife as ‘Maha Sacred Civil Servants’ and expressed his reluctance to enable Anokhi research.Anokhi begged his father to stop his marriage, but he locked himself in his room. Then, Babi and Rama learn from the ugly side of Monty. They decided to free Anokhi from this forced relationship and help him to escape. Anokhi managed to escape his marriage and arrived at Aastha’s house. Aastha facilitates its entry on the Sabherwal Institute of Arts and Trade (SIAC) by asking her husband to be alienated, Shaan.Shaurya bombarded Anokhi with questions, but he cracked the interview with flying color. Confidence with which he answered all the questions surprised all panel members. Then, the anokhi must arrange his transfer certificate and fifty thousand rupees to enter it. Babi tries to help Anokhi by lending a gold bracelet, which he can mortgage. But, their vineet foil plans and their insults. Shaurya accused Anokhi theft and refused to give her confession. But, Aastha proved this innocent Anokhi. Thus, Anokhi finally admitted Siac.Anokhi found it difficult to adjust to his new classmates in SIC. After a place of college, anokhi limited students and insulted him and then locked him in the classroom. Anokhi was very traumatized after this incident, but he gathered courage and tried.

Mismatched December 2021 teasers

Mismatched December 2021 teasers

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Main Cast on Mismatched

StarLifeDebattama Saha as Anokhi Bhalla Sabherwal: Rama and Ramesh’s daughter, Babli and Raja’s sister, Shaurya’s student turned wife. She is a focused and hardworking girl who believes in gender equality. She elopes from her forced wedding in order to make a career and be independent. Later she falls in love with her professor, Shaurya and eventually marries him. (2020–2021)

Karanvir Sharma as Shaurya Sabherwal: Aastha and Shaan’s son, Devi and Tej’s foster son, Anokhi’s professor turned husband. He used to be a misogynist because he assumed that his mother left him to pursue her career. Initially he hated Anokhi but later on fell in love and married her. He used to hate his mother but later accepted her. (2020–2021).

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