Mismatched Sunday 19th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Sunday 19th December 2021:The Episode starts with Shaurya apologizing to Anokhi for every wrong. He says I have told hurtful things to you, I m sorry. She asks are you saying it from heart. He says yes, I don’t say anything that’s not from heart. She says it means you felt so and told that from heart. He says no, I was just irritated. She says you are apologizing now out of guilt. He says no. She asks why were you so angry, my life can run without your sorry. He says you should have not left SIAC knowing I m so rude. She says I heard good praise about you. He says I m not a bad person, you think I will leave any girl alone in the riots, helplessly. She says you did that. He holds her and asks what do you know, you weren’t conscious, who saved you from fire, who took you to the jeep by lifting you, you don’t know anything, you was trying to talk to you, I want to know, who took you to the hospital, you don’t know, ask Ahir, he can tell you who was it, who was outside ICU without having any food. He cries. She asks did you save my life.

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She says but you… He says I say bad things, you scold me, what about when I talk good things, its your wish, do anything you want, don’t give me guilt that I ruined someone’s career, think of this as a reward for honesty or a punishment for my mistake, but please return to Chandigarh, change your decision, you deserve SIAC, SIAC deserves you, I know you are brilliant, no one will tell you anything, you left your marriage and Vineet’s house for SIAC, you can’t leave SIAC, don’t do anything for anyone, just for your dreams. She looks at him. Ahir drops Aastha. He says Anokhi didn’t reach till now. She says maybe they are coming from other route. Ahir gives her bags. She thanks him. She asks him to have tea. He says I like tea, I can’t miss the tea.

Shaurya says you still want to go back to Kapurthala, right, come, I will drop you. Aastha comes home. She gets flowers from Shaan. She reads his note and smiles. Ahir asks her to come. Aastha says I will go where I want, I have decided to go back to Chandigarh. Shaurya asks really, I mean, thanks. Jo tera…plays…

Mismatched Sunday 19th December 2021:Devi plans a family dinner. Gayatri asks Alok to make calls later. Aastha calls Anokhi and asks when are you coming home. Anokhi says I m going back to Chandigarh. Aastha says I m so happy for you, how are you going, are you with Shaurya. Anokhi says yes. Shaurya says Ahir can get your bags. Aastha says Ahir will get your bags, but did you think where will you stay now, at Babli’s house. Anokhi says no.

Shaurya says you can stay in hotel. Anokhi says I don’t have so much money. Shaurya says I… She says I don’t want any favour. He says stay in Aastha’s flat. She says I was staying there for Aastha’s sake. He says fine, stay in Saberwal house. She says never ever, your entire family hates me. He says no, never say never, maybe you have to stay there forever. She says I will better stay on roads. He says we will try to find a way. Aastha asks hostel or PG. Anokhi says all rooms are booked. Shaurya says you will get a room, come, we will see. Aastha wishes her all the best.

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Mismatched Sunday 19th December 2021:Ahir says its imp for Anokhi to stay in Chandigarh for studies and this case. Devi says my wish turned true today. She calls Shaan. Shaan is on the way. He hears a song. He doesn’t take her call. She calls Shaurya. She asks when will you come home. He says I m on the way. She says I planned a family dinner, come for dinner on time. He says okay, I m coming. She asks where are you. He says I m reaching Chandigarh. She says you would have gone to Patiala. He says I will talk later. He drives. He sees Anokhi and thinks this silence after patch up is not good, I m afraid to say anything that starts a fight. He plays songs. Sajde me aake, main yahan hoon…….plays… She looks at him. Devi thinks Shaan is nowhere, even Shaurya didn’t come.

Shaurya says I took a shortcut. Kanchan says maybe Anokhi refused to forgive Shaurya. Devi hears this and questions her.


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