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Mismatched On Star Life Saturday 22nd January 2022
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Mismatched Sunday 26th December 2021:The Episode begins with Tej saying Shaurya said concerning that young lady, Shagun likewise had these things. Devi says OK, Shagun and Shaurya were getting hitched, he would discuss Shagun, presently I get it, Shagun and Anokhi are same, possibly he is seeing Shagun in Anokhi, it implies he cherishes Shagun and needs her in his life. Shaurya says I would rather avoid Anokhi. Kanchan prods him. Devi says Anokhi can’t resemble Shagun. Shaurya says Anokhi likes Ahir. Kanchan says perhaps others think you like Anokhi. Tej says we weren’t content with Shagun’s choice, she is gone. Devi says we can get her in, we will do the best for Shaurya.

Shaan thinks about Aastha’s words. He says I realize Shaurya well. He gets some information about Shaurya. Kitty and Bebo talk about Shaurya and Shagun. Bebo says Devi will choose his marriage. Anmol comes to meet Bebo. She requests that he go. He says Kitty knows me. Bebo says OK, yet conceal some place. He says it’s anything but a decent arrangement. Kitty inquires as to for what reason did you open windows, AC is on. Bebo says I needed natural air, I have a migraine, proceed to get prescriptions for me. Kitty goes. Bebo requests that Anmol go at this point. She grins.

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Batti prods Ahir about Anokhi. Ahir considers Anokhi and grins. Shaurya sees Anokhi in the understudy. Anokhi sees him. Reema grins. Shaurya sees Kanchan and says its an unexpected, yet wonderful treat, come. Kanchan sees Anokhi. She says you neglected to call me, I received an email from the council. He says OK, you get the thoughts. She says I endeavor to make the fest the best. He says OK, you plan well, I m here, you coach others. She says your center is elsewhere nowadays. He says no. She says I used to come for the fest consistently, I came to see the person who has grabbed your consideration, its Anokhi. Shaurya says no. Anokhi recommends the Indian subject, me and my dirt. Kanchan and Shaurya like her thoughts. Kanchan says its last. Shaurya says we should offer equivalent chance to other people. Kanchan says I think this thought is awesome. Anokhi grins. Shaurya says we were choosing to have a holi festivity before fest. Anokhi gets Ahir’s call. She says sorry and goes to go to call.

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Mismatched Sunday 26th December 2021:Shaurya says I have guaranteed a lunch to all of you. The young lady says we will go for chinese. Shaurya says okay, we will go to the chinese café. Anokhi returns and says sorry, I didn’t hear what you recently said. He says your emphasis is on telephone, you discover your direction. He goes. Kanchan stops him and says you ought to have told her, your decision is great, the manner in which you addressed her, it wasn’t right. Kanchan asks him not to battle with Anokhi on lunch. She jokes and goes. Anokhi says I will not go. Reema says we will go, the café is great, Shaurya welcomed everybody. Anokhi says I will not go.

Mismatched Sunday 26th December 2021:Ahir addresses Anokhi available for any emergencies. She snickers. He says I m coming to meet you, to return your things. She asks what. He says I will meet you and talk. Everybody meets for the lunch. Anmol and Kitty sit together. Shaurya comes. He gets blossoms. They request whom is it. He says a child gave this to me on the way, I m thinking to give these blossoms to Anokhi’s group, lets request something. He searches for Anokhi and Reema. Maya says no, they didn’t come.

Shaurya keeps the blossoms. Anokhi likes the blossoms. Shagun comes before Shaurya’s vehicle.


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