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Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Sunday 28th November 2021: The episode starts with Shaurya coming to meet Aastha. He sat crying and holding his hand. Maai re …plays … he came out of commas and saw it. Anokhi wakes up and says why this door moves. He saw someone left. He followed to see. He said someone was there. The nurse told Shaan about Aastha. Shaan goes to Aastha and asks if you’re fine, do you want to say anything. He said Shaurya … he asked if you wanted to meet him, you knew him well. He said he came here.

He said I sat outside the room, no one came here. He said he had come, believe me. He said that Shaurya didn’t come. He said I was in understanding, I said the truth, he came to meet me. Devi came to Shaurya and comforted him. He said sorry you have to stay awake because of me. He said I had called you many times, maybe the phone was left in the car. Shaurya said, I’m busy working. Devi said Alok said that you left earlier than college. He said yes, my friend was promoted. He asked Vikas? I will also congratulate him. He said no, someone else. Tej came and said you answered Devi’s question. Shaurya says this is her love, it’s okay, I’ll go and change. He goes. Devi is worried and crying. He said my child had lied to me, I regret that he lied for Aastha.

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That morning, Gayatri asked Shaan about Aastha. He said I wanted to meet Aastha, can I come to see him. Shaan said come. Smile Kanchan and Gayatri. Anokhi asked who came to your room at night, I felt I had seen someone leaving. Aastha thought I couldn’t tell you anokhi. Shaan got a flower for Aastha. Aastha said I felt better, what’s all this. He got a few books and said happy to read, why did the nurse come, I would call him. He goes. Aastha smiled. Anokhi says you and Shaan … sorry, I have to ask this, do you have a relationship with Shaan. Aastha said I didn’t want to talk about it. Anokhi said sorry.

Aastha asks if Shaurya talks with you well. Anokhi complained about him. Aastha thought Shaurya acted like that, she gently heard. Anokhi goes to get medicine. Alok asks Gayatri where you go. Gayatri said shopping. Kanchan said we would get a prize for my cousin’s wedding. Devi stopped them. Devi said the prize would leave the family side. Gayatri said the gift from his mother’s side. Tej said, wait, the mall and hospital is close, whether you will meet Aastha. Gayatri said no, we went to the mall. Devi said let it be, but soon returned.

Mismatched Sunday 28th November 2021: Gayatri and Kanchan meet Shaan. Devi looks. Shaan asked Aastha to see who came to meet him. Gayatri hugged Aastha and said I always miss you. He introduced Yash Kanchan’s wife. Kanchan said I heard a lot about you, I didn’t know we would meet in such a way. Shaan asked Aastha to bestow something to Kanchan. He gave a gift. Aastha said I would give it from my side. He gave his ring to Kanchan. Gayatri said sorry. I can’t stay long. Aastha says enough you come to meet me. Kanchan said to be careful and hugged Aastha.

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Mismatched Sunday 28th November 2021 ;Shaan said I would drop them and come. Devi came to Aastha and scolded him. Aastha says Shaurya is my son, I’m Mum. Devi said you just gave him a birth, you’re not his mother, you left him, I gave him love. Aastha said you had given her hatred, I didn’t expect my child to choose one of my mother and father, I wanted to keep it away from bitterness. Devi says you take advantage of our name and wealth, you want freedom, so you leave Shaan and Shaurya. Aastha said I would fight for Shaurya, she did not know you like to control people. They argue. Aastha said I would die there if I lived in a fake life that was sufficient, my good left home. Shaurya comes and asks why you came here, why did you come in our lives again.

Shaurya said I can’t tolerate a word against Devi, you don’t have moral and values. He rebuked Aastha. Anokhi says honest Aastha for us, how you can talk to your mum

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