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Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Thursday 25th November 2021: The episode starts with everyone asking Kitty and Bebo truth. Kitty said we called the press. Shaurya scolds them. He said I blamed Anokhi, I thought my brother couldn’t do something wrong, you have ruined and our reputation to insult Anokhi. Rama took Aastha to the hospital. Shaan says you have to apologize to Anokhi. Alok said we had apologized, caring for his family. Shaan said yes, other people don’t have family, we can do anything with them, right Bhabhi. Devi look at. Shaan got a call. He was surprised. Gayatri asks what happens. Shaan said Aastha at the hospital. He asked why. Shaan said someone shot him. They all get surprised.

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Bhalla and Rama asked the nurse to call a doctor. Rama said doing something. Bhalla said that there was something Aastha happened, then the future of the king … he fears. Shaan said someone shot Aastha. He cries. Gayatri asked Shaurya to leave with Shaan. Devi said it was not necessary, he was worried, thanks to us with Aastha, Shaan you went alone, contact us if something happens. Shaan saw Shaurya and crying. He goes. The nurse asked for Rama to get injection. Bhalla said I would call a doctor and come. They go. Shaan came there and asked Aastha. The nurse said he was there. Walking Shaan for Aastha and crying. He asked how this happened. Nurses say we got your number from the emergency list of the diary, sorry, we need a sign on the approval form. Shaan scolds the nurse. He asked no doctor, I would sue you if something happened. He said I would take Aastha to Chandigarh. He called a doctor. He said my wife was shot, I got there, thank you.

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Mismatched Thursday 25th November 2021: Gayatri said Shaurya had to go to the hospital, Aastha was serious. Devi said Aastha likes to interfere in everyone’s problem, so she gets this answer. Kanchan asks why everyone is so rude in this house, they don’t care for anyone’s pain. Gayatri said no, if a woman had her own thoughts. He prayed for Aastha. Shaurya is worried. Shaan took Aastha to another hospital and admitted it. Devi asks Shaurya why she doesn’t sleep. He said I would sleep, you go and rest.

He asks what happens, are you worried for him, you can go to meet him if you want, I will call Shaan and ask him. Shaan asks how he is. Nurses said this case was complicated due to internal bleeding. He asked you to take a bullet. Shaurya said no need to call, I have no connection with him. Devi said I did care for him, I didn’t stop you from going to him, I m stuff, I can’t forget that day when you meet the accident, when you are hospitalized, he doesn’t come to see you, you Want your mother on your side, she doesn’t come. He cries. Kanchan looks at.

Devi said I could not tolerate seeing your pain. Gayatri said Devi lay down, Aastha came to see Shaurya, Devi did not let him meet Shaurya. Kanchan asked why you did not tell Shaurya. Gayatri said you thought he would trust me. Devi said it didn’t take stress, Aastha was busy in her life and never asked you. The doctor said the needs of blood patients. Pray Shaan for Aastha. Shaurya said I would not go to meet him. Shaan asks how Aastha is. The doctor said we had removed the bullet, but the next 24 hours were very important, we couldn’t say anything.

Mismatched Thursday 25th November 2021: His morning, Gayatri got this Shaan’s message. Shaan wrote Aastha’s country is important, telling everyone, I will call later. Gayatri goes to everyone and says this Aastha operation is done, he is still critical. Devi scolds him. Shaurian leaves. Tej scolds Alok. Gayatri said I only informed Shaurya about his mother, Shaan alone there, Shaurya could go there. Alok asked him to stop him, why should Shaurya suffer because of this Shaan’s fault. Gayatri said but Aastha was Shaurya’s mother. Devi said enough, my mother was.Vineet says you have to see these girls fly at night, they are with Saberwals now. Anokhi said S.

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