Mismatched Thursday 2nd December 2021 Starlife Updated

Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Thursday 2nd December 2021: The episode begins with Shaurya and Anokhi ran to save themselves. He asked her not to go, he will die and give him die. He said you could go if you fear for your life, I’ll find myself Aastha. He asks why you are so stubborn. She said I would find Aastha, otherwise I will not sleep. She said I had a thought, when you can see the situation is bad, it is better to go, we can help others when we are safe. She hugged him and said we would not get Aastha here. He said we will find it. He told me to do anything. He goes. He says he will get his own senses. He chased. She was afraid to see unrest. Shaurya looking for him. He ran toward the car. Car explosion. She found him lying unconscious and ran to him. She went to her rescue. Ahir came there. Shaurya take Anokhi in his arms. Mai Yaar Yaar Kehna … .plays … Ahir surprised to see him get hurt and run into them. He asked if Anokhi fine, put it in my car, we’ll take him to the hospital.

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Mismatched Thursday 2nd December 2021: Shaurya says my car is here. Ahir said that your car will not get permission, follow my car, come on. Shaurya said I would not leave her alone. Ahir said fine, go. They go. Shaurya ask Anokhi to open his eyes, they go to the hospital, it will not happen to him. Ahir asked him to open his eyes. Anokhi opened her eyes and saw Ahir. They reached the hospital. Shaurya ask the best doctor to treat him. The nurse asked them to remain outside. Shaurya and Ahir worry. Anokhi treated. Shaurya think I should not have left him outside. He remembers the explosion. He remembers everything. She fainted. Ahir examined. Doctors say bad Anokhi country. Gayatri ask Shaan to take care of herself. Shaan says it all for me. Gayatri said it was not your fault. Shaan said I left it alone. He asks if you find anything about him. He said no, my friend is a private investigator. He got a call. He said Aastha in some restaurants. She asked him to go quickly. He goes. Alok hear this.

He called his son and said you have to get Aastha before Shaan reached, I also picked up. The doctor said there was nothing to worry about, smoke filled your lungs because of the explosion. Shaurya asked about Anokhi. The doctor told him to rest. Shaurya says I want to see it all. The doctor says you’re not breathing fine. Nurses say Anokhi conscious. Shaurya says I should go. Ahir together Anokhi. Shaurya operates her. Anokhi grateful to Ahir for saving his life. Ahir said there was nothing. Shaurya look and exit. Anokhi fainted again. Shaurya entrance and go call the doctor. He asked the doctor to examine him. Ahir said he just talked to me and fainted. Shaurya said someone gave me the wrong info and sent us there. Ahir said information is not wrong, the wrong time. CLICK TO READ PREVIOUSLY :Mismatched Tuesday 30th November 2021 Starlife Updated

Mismatched Thursday 2nd December 2021: Shaurya says planned very well, entry right time. He mocked Ahir. Doctors asked them to wait outside. Ahir said I thought you and Anokhi not like each other, I always saw both fight the same way, I’m glad to see you take care of him. Shaurya says he’s my student, I was worried about him. Ahir said I think you’re selfish and arrogant, but you are doing a lot for him, drawing changed my mind. Shaurya say thank you for the analysis of my character, I’m sorry but it’s not your job to judge people, but to help people, Aastha still missing, Anokhi work more than you.

Anokhi write notes and send roses to people who saved him. The nurse went to Shaurya and said Anokhi have given you this.

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