Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021 Starlife

Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021
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Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021: The episode starts with Devi asking Alok he could not create another problem in college, what is the reason to become criminals filmi. Alok said that she was really stubborn, he has done a lot of things. He says you’ve got two daughters, you made a big mistake, I do not know you’re going to do this, do you think what will happen if Tej know this. Aastha worry for Anokhi. He asks if you’re okay. Anokhi say yes, I’m afraid to think about this. Aastha says I can understand.

Devi said that if anything happened to my son, then I will not forgive you. Alok asked what I should do now. He says Shaurya involved, he will not take lightly, she would go to the roots. Shaurya came and asked whose idea it was. They worry. Aastha care for Anokhi. Anokhi say if Shaurya not come from the time, then do not know what is done by thugs with me. Aastha says we should thank God that you are safe, luckily your impression about Shaurya has changed, my children are good at heart, he helps you.

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Anokhi said she did not know it was me. Aastha says you praise him or complain, if he can risk his life for a stranger, then he can do anything for someone he knew. Shaurya says this idea, tea, and salad. Devi said oh yes, the idea Alok, you know just alok get strange ideas like that. Shaurya says of course. He said I could make tea for you if you want. He said no, I was tired today.

Devi asks where you are. Shaurya told me I had a student in the course, he was troubled, some thugs attacked him, I grabbed a nice time. He asked if she was okay. She said yes. Alok said such crimes has increased today. Shaurya says of course, people do not file a complaint, do not worry, I’ll go to the police and filed a complaint in the morning.

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Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021 : Aastha says I’m lucky to get a student like you, it is not good to judge everyone because of me, it’s not a normal relationship for me, I’ll tell you something, change persamaan with Shaurya. Anokhi say when I think of something good about him, he found an opportunity to prove me wrong. Aastha says no, she does not let anyone look inside himself. Anokhi asked what he felt in his heart. Aastha asked him to have a biscuit. Anokhi Devi said came close to Shaurya, I will go away from him, no, I can not let this happen, my hard work, my love … Alok asked what you think. He asked how I would describe you, this should not happen again. He goes.

That morning, Shaurya went to the police station and met Ahir. He viewed Anokhi there. Ahir kidding. Shaurya say let’s start with today’s lesson, keep things personal and professional. Anokhi say I came to lodge FIR, whether you come to ask you the same thing. Shaurya ask what you think. Ahir said it was a good coincidence that you come to apply for the same FIR. Anokhi say it’s okay. Ahir asked him to say it. They both provide details of the incident of kidnapping.

Ahir asked if he was saying the right thing. Anokhi said yes. Shaurya asked. Do you not believe me, why did you ask him, he’s new here, he will not know the route, he will be shocked. Ahir said he was a victim, so I’ll ask him. He says Shaurya true. He asked Anokhi to say what happened, the incident occurred to him. Anokhi tell. He coughed. Ahir give him water. Shaurya think why I’m here. Haal-e-dila … .plays …

Mismatched Thursday 9th December 2021 : Anokhi Thank you Ahir. Ahir said thank you when you come here and make a complaint, you dare not like the others. She said she was not wrong, even those who are educated and large blame the girls. Ahir said correctly, it was stupid. He said I was lucky to get the officers were friendly and understanding, I’m not afraid to come to the police station. Ahir thank him. He asked her to sign the register. Shaurya say my work is finished, I’ll go.


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