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Mismatched Tuesday 11th January 2022: The Episode begins with Anokhi requesting that Shaurya stop it. He requests that she see the article about the course. She checks. He says I love you. An understudy comes and gets some information about his uncertainty. Shaurya clarifies him. The person goes. Anokhi asks would you be able to remain silent. Shaurya says OK. She says in the event that anybody is familiar with it… He says then we will see, I need to know whether you acknowledge this marriage or not. She says I will see when you satisfy the condition. He says you failed to remember something. She asks what. He says that I love you, you can say I love you consequently. She goes grinning. He grins.

Babli gets frightened. She races to the house. Ahir holds her. She shouts. He asks are you fine. She says OK, where did you go toward the beginning of the day. Ahir says for a demon meeting. She asks is it any genuine case, is everything fine. He says OK. She asks will I make something desserts, I got a require an occasion, I thought to cook a few desserts. He says you can make it, its alright. She sees roses in his coat. She says he took roses for a gathering. She places the flower petals in the water bowl. He grins and goes.

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Anokhi hears the understudies discussing Shagun, its a standard that there can’t be any close connection between any educator and understudy, else they can get ousted. Anokhi says Shaurya would know this standard, yet we actually did it, we need to conceal this from everybody. Kanchan checks Devi’s space for some evidence. She gets a telephone. Devi comes there. Kanchan conceals the telephone. She rationalizes. Devi says tidying currently occurred in my room, you don’t have to stress. Kanchan proceeds to say you will stress when I get a proof against you.

Anokhi comes to Shaurya’s lodge and asks what happened now. He says I m happy you know your privileges, simply a spouse can come to husband’s lodge without thumping, you came to my lodge interestingly later marriage, lets do some rasam. She goes to go. He says alright, lets talk about work, its your obligation to give this agree letter to every one of the understudies. He stops her and asks would you be able to remain back for quite a while, I need to hear you and converse with you. He holds her.

Mismatched Tuesday 11th January 2022: She pushes him and asks what befell you, you know the standard, there can’t be an individual connection between an educator and an understudy, we can’t have any connection, you fail to remember this generally, I m not done at this point, you don’t consider anything, you know nobody can do anything to you. He says kindly quiet down, I would really rather avoid defying guidelines, I love you, I wedded you, it occurred unexpectedly early. She says it’s anything but something seemingly insignificant, this can indulge your name. He says we are a couple, this moronic senseless rule can’t hurt us. She says this standard is made before our connection, we are off-base. He says I m happy you said we, not you, that is a beginning, I will deal with it, blue tone is my fav, assuming you wear blue tone in the initial function, I will be happy. She says I m stressed for what’s to come. He says our future isn’t unique, I will assume the liability. Shagun looks on. Anokhi says I know, you just filled the maang, that is it. Shagun gets stunned. Shaurya sees Shagun at the entryway. He says fill the structure, read the subtleties well, we have given this obligation to you. He asks Shagun anything earnest. He wears the ring. Anokhi leaves.

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Shagun says you can inform Anokhi regarding our commitment. He says no. Shagun asks why was she here. He says its financial aspects workshop, its my lodge, I m the HOD, any understudy can come here whenever, whatever else. She says OK, however its own, I will converse with you at home. She figures I can do nothing to Anokhi, however I want to effectively approach him. She goes out and sees Anokhi. Anokhi thinks express gratitude toward God, she knew nothing.

Babli sees Vineet’s pics printed. She stresses. Vineet chuckles seeing her and alarms her. She flees. The man says I accomplished the work. Vineet says I will give you cash. He says you needed separation, I will make you go frantic.

Mismatched Tuesday 11th January 2022: Anokhi gathers her packs. She says I m inclination so invigorated for the workshop, I need to ahead, Shaurya will take me to better places assuming that this class works out in a good way, would anybody be able to change in adoration. Reema comes and says I will help you, take anything exceptional in the initial service. Anokhi asks how might blue shading look. Reema gets a dress. Anokhi says no chance. Reema gets more choices. Anokhi says its not unique. Reema asks are you fine. Anokhi says OK. She conceals the sindoor. Reema says you are behaving like you are going out traveling with your BF. Anokhi says no, you go now, we will meet later. She sees Shaurya and her selfie. She gets his message, are you missing me. She asks how can he know it all. She answers… you will miss me when I go for the workshop. She erases the msg. He answers I read it, don’t miss me there, center around the workshop, best portrayal ought to be from SIAC. She says OK Sir, did I go distraught, what’s going on with I. She answers, alright, don’t stress Shaurya Sir. He answers, alright, Mrs. Shaurya Saberwal. She thinks will he not come there.

Anokhi says Shaurya realizes that we are going to Delhi today, he didn’t call. She loses her telephone. The transport leaves her and goes. She says I missed my transport, how might I go to Delhi now. Shaurya comes to welcome her.


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