Mismatched Tuesday 30th November 2021 Starlife Updated

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Mismatched Tuesday 30th November 2021: The episode began with Anokhi treating Aastha. Aastha said asking what you want, Shaurya is my child, I hide this from you. Anokhi said yes, but why did you hide. Aastha said I stopped saying this to myself that Shaurya was my son and Shaan was my husband, I didn’t expect my future to influence your future. Anokhi got a call and said Reema, I could not study today, I knew the IMP class, but IMP for me was here. Aastha says medical staff is here, you join the campus. Anokhi said no, you always with me. Aastha asked her to leave.

Anokhi apologized to Pammi and said sorry, I will come to work. Pammi scolded him. Anokhi said I gave me a last chance, I lived in Sasural my sister, I had to pay the rent there, Jiju I’ll rub me if I didn’t give rent, give me a last chance. Pammi said alright, start working now. Anokhi works in a cafe. Kitty and Bebo come there. They joked in Anokhi. Kitty says you can do anything for money.

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Bebo asks if you are not ashamed to work here. Anokhi asked why I felt embarrassed to work hard. He got water for them. Kitty dropped water and said clean quickly. Kitty asked her to get mango juice without sugar. Anokhi gets it. They ordered noodles. Kitty and Bebo bothered him. They made anokhi fall. Anokhi tripped and the noodle tray fell far more than Shaurya. He caught fire by hot noodles and shouts. Anokhi came and said very sorry sir. Bakemalab Diyan Na Galan …

He asked Anokhi what this work was. He said I did the job here, it was my first day, so this … he asked this happening. He said sorry, I didn’t do anything intentionally. He said yes, it just happened. Bebo said no one dropped the previous noodles. Kitty said maybe he showed this talent for you. Anokhi said no, believe me. Pammi asked how noodles fell. Shaurya says you have to continue to work. He goes. Pammi is angry at Kitty. He said I saw you two disturbed Anokhi.

He asked Anokhi to call Subhash to clean up the mess. Shaan stopped Gayatri and Kanchan from going. He went to Devi. Devi said Tej was right, I agreed with his decision, some couples did not fight for small problems and respect their respective decisions. Shaan said Gayatri and Kanchan also deserved respected, you could stop them. He asked why. He said I didn’t know when everyone would stop admitting mistakes.

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Mismatched Tuesday 30th November 2021: Gayatri tried to talk to Alok. He cries. Kanchan comforted him. Shaan believes Devi. He said if you make a decision, then Tej will respect him, right. Devi says alright, you have to do something in return. Shaan said Stop Gayatri and Kanchan, I received all conditions. Devi asks you won’t ask you. Gayatri tried to apologize to Tej. Shaurya stopped Gayatri and Kanchan. He asks how you can leave. He asked them. He asks Tej why you don’t stop them, that means you are serious.

Tej said I wasn’t joking when it was about my family. Gayatri and Kanchan thank you Shaurya to be a concern. Shaan and Devi come. Devi stopped Gayatri. Devi said Tej, I have thought of a lot of your decision, I realized that we did what Aastha wanted, yes Tej, he wanted our family to be divided, I would guarantee that they would not make a mistake again, please reaper. Tej agreed.

Mismatched Tuesday 30th November 2021:Devi said she would give us other good news. Shaan remembered Devi asked him to divorce Aastha. Shaan said I divorced Aastha. Everyone is surprised. Alok said his mind blew, Shaan might hear sad songs and changed his decision, brought it in writing. Devi said no need, right Shaan.

Anokhi said it was your birthday, Aastha wanted to meet and hope you. He scolded him and asked him not to attend his class.


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