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Mismatched On Star Life Saturday 22nd January 2022
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Mismatched Tuesday 4th January 2022:The Episode begins with Shaurya meeting Anokhi. She asks how are you, what doctored say. He says I needed to meet you first and know what you needed to say, I can hardly wait, I need to pay attention to it, don’t make me stand by additional. She says I love you PS. He says I love you Miss Bhalla. She says I love you more. He says not more than me. They grin and embrace. They run and snicker joyfully. Jo tera hoga… plays… they dance. He says at long last, I got to hear it from you, you have at last told me, I m the most fortunate person in this world. Anokhi reviews Shagun’s words. She stresses. He asks what occurred. She says don’t have the foggiest idea, when you came to me and held my hand, I forgot everything, my resentment, my irritation, I wished this second remained, you reminded me everything now, we need to move away, I recall.

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my torment, my reality. He asks her what is she saying, forget everything what Devi said. She says we are unique, we have nothing comparable. He says we love one another, is this adequately not. She says no, affection will end when we battle consistently, attempt to comprehend. He requests that she clear her uncertainty, what is she saying, be clear, ask anything, he will reply.
She asks valid or lie. He says obviously genuinely. She inquires as to for what reason did you break commitment with Shagun, on the grounds that she needed to travel to another country and study, you had requested that she pick between you or her vocation. He says dislike that. She asks was her studies the justification for the separation. He says OK, she picked Cambridge over me, how is it my issue. She says I would rather not converse with you. He asks how could it be connected with our present. She asks how could it be unique, what changed at this point. He says I have changed, is this sufficiently not. She says no, you didn’t transform, you are infatuated. He says fine, is this distinction adequately not. She inquires as to why, you cherished Shagun consistently, you moved away from her. He asks will you rebuff me for that, you think I m blameworthy, I didn’t drive her. She says fine, for what reason are you constraining me. He asks am I constraining you, I m attempting to clarify, changes are expected to make a relationship work. She says there is a distinction in changes and compromises, we do it for affection and lament later, I don’t need this, I don’t need us to lament. He asks what compromise is going on between us. She says wedding you implies losing my character and dreams, I went out for my fantasies, I didn’t pay attention to my father, I can’t leave my fantasies for my adoration, I need to get a name and appreciation, I need to do right by my folks, its my labor of love. He says you don’t cherish me.

Mismatched Tuesday 4th January 2022:She says I need my vocation and love, I needd you, however would this be able to occur. He says why not, I love you Anokhi, how about you comprehend, I will uphold you, we will sort it out. She asks would you be able to kill your self image. He says there is no self image in adoration. She says yet we have battles, we have told our sentiments to one another, I love you, perhaps I will forever feel this, please lets end it here, don’t settle on my choice more intense, we can essentially confront one another. He says you and Devi got inflexible, how might I handle the present circumstance, you tell me. She says let me go, your half issues will end thusly. He says you’re not an issue, you are an answer. She says me, my fantasies and thinking will turn into an issue for you, you didn’t have to battle for your regard, I battled a ton to reach here, I can’t lose it for affection. He asks are you saying this, you mean individuals who become hopelessly enamored are fools. She says wed Shagun, all of you will be glad. He asks will you stay content with this, tell me. She cries.

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Mismatched Tuesday 4th January 2022:He says you love me a ton, conclude nothing that we lament, if it’s not too much trouble, pay attention to me. She cries and says I need to live with you, yet I can’t go through my time on earth with somebody who doesn’t treat me equivalent, I can never change my reasoning, please. He says pay attention to me, kindly, don’t do this. She cries. He holds her. She flees. Judaai… plays… He yells don’t leave me Anokhi. He sits crying. He goes to the sanctuary and takes sindoor. He stops Anokhi and fills sindoor in her maang. She gets stunned. He says now you have turned into mine consistently, Mrs. Anokhi Shaurya Saberwal.

Shaurya returns home. Aastha asks what did you do Shaurya. Anokhi cleans the sindoor and cries.


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