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Mismatched Wednesday 8th December 2021: The episode starts with Shaurya and Anokhi argue. He said I couldn’t control myself when you left. He asked him to hold the pole to support. They fix it. He asked how Eir let you come. He remember apologizing to Ahir. He said I couldn’t see him upset, he was waiting for me, hope you realize it.  Ahir said I would never come between you two, if I feel he doesn’t deserve you, he’s not happy with you, then I will also bring him forever. Shaurya said you dreamed, it was suitable for you, Hoti Hoti. FB ends. Shaurya said thank you for the decor, setting, this is amazing, and to scold ahir. He said I didn’t do that for you, there were others. Shaurya said no, I mean … I understand, I really should, what else I need. They have eyelock.

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Babi sees them. Anokhi said everything was fine. He tells Holi but is not happy, you don’t apply the color to your face, whether you wait for someone. He said you didn’t apply color, did you also wait for someone. He said Holi I didn’t become happy, it won’t be happy until I apply color to your face. He said it was difficult. He asked if it was a challenge. He said yes, let’s see who applies Holi color first. He ran. He smiled. Babi asked Anokhi where he was.

Anokhi said I went to explain PS, Shaurya, I was waiting for him, I mean we had made a good setting, he had planned everything, I want him to come and see, he will give additional points to our team. Babi said thinking well, I wanted to tell you this before. Shaurya hopes that everyone is happy Holi. Devi asks where you are. Shaurya said I had a job. Shaurya stops Alok. He said we would play with flowers first. Babi said I was worried for you. Anokhi said I was fine, did you ask nakul about extra colors. Shaurya plays with flowers.

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Mismatched Wednesday 8th December 2021: Anokhi stopped his friends from applying colors. Shaurya enjoys the family. He saw Anokhi and ran to him. He escaped. Rang Rang De …plays … Shagun called Devi. Devi said coming in front of Shaurya. Shagun said coming. Shaurya and Anoki Play Holi. Devi looked at them. Shagun came there with color. He smiled. He stopped seeing Shaurya with Anokhi. He cried and dropped color. Shaurya caught Anokhi. Shagun cried and fled. Devi followed him.

Kanchan asked what Shaurya did, if Devi knew … Gayatri said you had pushed it, you created a big problem for yourself and others. Devi stopped Shagun. Shagun said you lied to me that Shaurya loved me, who girl was. Devi asks who. Shagun said that Shaurya danced with the girl, she liked it. Devi said no, he saw you in him, I knew him the best, according to you the choice would be very cheap, the girl was middle class, you didn’t have a comparison with him. Shagun said don’t play the game of thoughts with me. Devi said believe me. Shagun said you know Shaurya didn’t love me, why did you give me the wrong hope.

Devi says I think you are a girl who is confident modern, if you run away, then nothing can happen, fight for your love, take it, but not like that. Shagun said nothing like this. Shaurya and Anokhi are happy to dance. He thought where Anokhi was hiding.

Mismatched Wednesday 8th December 2021: Devi says alright, go if you want, if you regret tomorrow then don’t come to me, I don’t want your sacrifice in vain, you leave your love for your career, this time you leave your career for your love, I know You can win. Shagun said I didn’t come to win any game, I returned to my love, it was over, I didn’t want a wedding like that, making him marry the girl he loved. Shaurya left after Anokhi. Alok asks where Shagun. Devi said he left, I couldn’t lose, Shaurya couldn’t marry Anokhi. Anokhi hid and smiled. Shaurya took the color to register for him. He applied the color to Shagun. He smiled. He said now Holi we finally happily happily, Holi is happy for you. Shagun turned around to him. He got Shoc.

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