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My Daughter Durga, Full story Summary, Cast & Teasers

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga, Full story:Adom Tv is setting the leads for others to follow, they bring another tremendous series zeroing in on the biography of a dad who vows to give his girl a future no one has in their family, will his girl satisfy her dad’s cravings. My girl Durga shows on AdomTv non-weekend days at @4pm, supplanting Soudaminir Sansar time allotment.

My Daughter Durga, Full story:The series spins around the most lovely and delicate relationship of a dad and his girl. the real factors of life.
Durga’s dad, Yashpal Choudhary fills in as a worker in one of the schools in Haryana. His main dream is to battle against all the chances and instruct his little girl Durga for a superior future.
In spite of making a decent attempt to study and substantiate herself, Durga couldn’t arrive at Yashpal’s assumptions. Yashpal who fills in as a simple school peon has an exceptionally moderate perspective with regards to instructing a young lady or a kid, in contrast to his different family members.

Durga, then again, is an exuberant and positive 12-year-old who is partaking in her youth in and around the edges of Haryana. She cherishes running behind kites, climbing mango trees. Other than partaking in her adolescence, Durga made a decent attempt to satisfy her dad’s fantasy. However, some way or another she just couldn’t comprehend the estimations and subsequently consistently ended up confounded among letters in order and numbers.
Affected by her mentor, Rana sir, Yaspal permits Durga to be a competitor.

Durga arises as the champ in the public race however her rival, Arti who gets the second position gets drugs blended in her food. In the blood test, Durga is viewed as on drugs and is removed from running for a long time.
As the outcome, her blameless family faces the residents’ bigotry constraining Durga to stop running until the end of time.
Five (5) Years Later, Durga presently grown-up has the obligation to deal with her family just as her fantasies as well.
She meets Sanjay Prince (SP), her old cherished companion. Yet, things between them are not excessively great. At the point when SP discovers that Durga has joined a similar school as him, he undermines her to leave the school yet at last, they become hopelessly enamored.

Later Durga becomes more acquainted with that SP’s mother, Gayatri Devi, had blended medications in her food five years back and tells the media.
Gayatri Devi becomes irate and impacts SP to make him Durga’s foe and SP and Arti start another play. Amidst this, SP and Durga wed one another. Subsequent to being tormented by SP and his family, Durga discovers that Gayatri was a public competitor who was removed from the foundation and assists her with staying quiet about it.

Ultimately, SP becomes more acquainted with that Durga is honest and his mother was the one behind her agonies.
The family meets up and Durga starts preparing for her nationals. Arti’s dad extorts Durga that he will annihilate her family assuming she partakes in the public race. He abducts her family upon the arrival of the race however SP and Durga salvage the family and Durga dominate the race.
Afterward, Durga gets conceded to the institute for meeting all requirements for worldwide games. She prevails in her endeavors and the Finale, Gayatri gives Duga the keys to their family manor and the series closes as they all snap photographs to stamp their fresh start.
My Daughter Durga, Series Details.
Title: My Daughter Durga
No. Of seasons: 1
No. Of Episodes: 383
Channel: AdomTv
Named: Twi (Ghanaian language)
First Episode: 26th October 2021
Last Episode: Unknown
Unique Title: Meri Durga
Nation of beginning: India
Network: Star Plus


Ananya Agarwal/Srishti Jain as youthful and Adult Durga individually:
Yashpal and Annapurna’s little girl; Amrita’s sister; SP’s significant other.
Vicky Ahuja as Yashpal:
Brijpal’s sibling, Annapurna’s significant other, Durga, and Amrita’s dad.
Yash Mistry/Paras Kalnawat as Young and Adult Sanjay Prince (SP) individually:
Gayatri and Neelkant’s child; Durga’s significant other.

Kate Sharma/Urfi Javed as Aarti: SP’s beloved companion.
Rajesh Shringarpure/Ankur Nayyar as Rana: Durga’s mentor.
Rashmi Shaw/Mrigrash Dubey asAnnapurna Choudhary: Yashpal’s significant other; Durga and Amrita’s mom.
Rajiv Khanna as Brijpal Choudhary:Yashpal’s sibling; Sheela’s significant other; Shilpa and Bantu’s dad.
Jyotika Kukrety as Sheela Choudhary:Brijpal’s significant other; Shilpa and Bantu’s mom.
Akshay Choudhary as chote.
Amardeep Jha as Santo.
Raj Sharnagat as Manohar.
Sovereign Singh as 2/2 Bhagat.
Raquib Arshad as SRK.
Parineeta Borthakur/Dolly Sohi as Gayatri Devi Ahlawat otherwise known as Athlete Jassi. Neelakant’s significant other; SP and Gagan’s mom.
Rajiv Kumar as Neelkant Ahlawat:Gayatri’s significant other; SP and Gagan’s dad.
Paras Sharma as Gagan Ahlawat: Gayatri and Neelkant’s child; SP’s sibling.
Jiya Chauhan as SP’s Anjana Ahlawat:Gagan’s significant other.
Aishwarya Sharma/Sonal Parihar/Swapnil Sengar as Amrita Choudhary:Yashpal and Annapurna’s little girl; Durga’s sister; Madhav’s ex-darling; Umang’s mom.
Adhvik Mahajan as Madhav: Amrita’s ex-sweetheart; Umang’s dad.
Advait as Umang: Amrita and Madhav’s child.
Ashna Kishore as Shilpa Choudhary:Brijpal and Sheela’s little girl.
Ramansh Bundela Bantu Choudhary:Brijpal and Sheela’s child.
Shanaya Shivi as Kuljeet: Durga’s Friend.
Soham Jadhav as Young Manohar.
Sanjay Kaushik as Rishi.
Apala Bisht as Laxmi.
Rakhi Vijan as Subhadra.
Nandani Master as Srijita.
Mohsin as Bhagwat
Mohammad Saud as Bansi
Satya Tiwari as Sam
Ritu Bhagwani as Tanvi
Urmila Sharma as Rohini
Tariq Khan as Kadam
Vishal C. Bhardwaj as Purshottam Singhania.
Dimple Jhangiani as senior region justice.
Nia Sharma as Palasha Trivedi: Durga’s companion.
Rishina Kandhari as Durga’s Teacher (Senorita).
Apurva Agnihotri as Coach Bhagat

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