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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Friday 1st April 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Friday 1st April 2022
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Friday 1st April 2022: The Episode begins with Gayatri yelling Sanjay to emerge from the fire. She awakens from the fantasy. Her senior child asks what occurred, did you see any awful dream. He goes to get water. She says Durga can’t grab my ruler, I need to fend Durga off. He gives her water. He asks her is she fine. Yashpal gets Durga to meet Rajveer.

Durga gets stunned seeing him alive. She requests that Rajveer get up. Yashpal says he isn’t in faculties. He says somebody attempted to kill Rana and did this. She gets stunned.

He says somebody has established a bomb to kill Rana, he was called there. FB shows Rajveer getting a call and going. His companion comes there and asks where is Rana. Rajveer leaves the parking garage and hears individuals telling about killing Durga and him. He thinks who were they and calls Yashpal. He gets some information about Durga.

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He asks where is Durga, her life is at serious risk. Yashpal says I can’t hear you. Rajveer sees Sanjay halting Durga and the bomb detonating. He tumbles down and gets injured. Yashpal tracks down him. Rajveer says his life is in risk.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Friday 1st April 2022: Yashpal calls a specialist and gets him treated. FB closes. He says I sought his treatment so he gets fine, Rana let me know he had danger from somebody, sarpanch was unfortunate to come there. She asks who was that announced dead. He says he was Rana’s companion, Lord gives harmony to him, I have said Rana kicked the bucket so that individuals who are attempting to kill Rana will disappear, we can get time to be aware of guilty party, Rana would have shocked in Bantu’s roka. He says we need to figure out who is after his life and conceal reality that he is alive. Durga cries.

Durga figures I accomplished something beneficial to cause Stella to lose in challenge, Rana will get fine and train me. She gets undermining notes from the locals. Sanjay calls her. He becomes irate. Gayatr comes to him and says my affection for you didn’t transform, I m prepared to acknowledge Durga for your bliss. He says amazing, genuinely, I love you. She says yet I have a condition. Durga calls everybody. The townspeople challenge them. They get stunned.

Gayatri says I need to test Durga’s capacities so I can acknowledge her, similar to Durga takes more time for her race, I maintain that her should accept preparing from me to win you, I need to know will she gain proficiency with our methodologies. The townspeople blacklist Durga. The family looks on stressed.

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Gayatri says I believe her should realize every one of the characteristics that makes her reasonable for our home, then, at that point, it will be chosen. She asks what occurred, won’t she do this to dominate her life’s race.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Friday 1st April 2022: He says fine, I concur, I m sure she will prevail upon you in 7 days. He goes. Gayatri figures I will make Durga out of Sanjay’s life. The townspeople ask Durga and her family to kick the bucket hungry or leave the town, they won’t allow them to remain here. Yashpal stops them and requests that they talk. The man chides Yashpal for making Durga run and gambling with town’s regard.

Gayatri says I likewise feel Durga will win. Sanjay determines what’s going on in Durga’s home. The man says Durga ought to swear she won’t partake in any race.


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