My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 3rd January 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 3rd January 2022:The Episode begins withh Yashpal saying I will meet Durga and come, Subhadra is taking a lot of care of her, she kept her as sovereign. Durga gets dressed as server. Subhadra thinks Durga prepare for new work. She says you look pretty, come. They leave. Yashpal arrives at Bhiwani and goes to Chopra house. Durga and Subhadra come in party. Subhadra stows away. She meets her companion and says Durga is the house cleaner. Durga welcomes the woman. Woman requests that she call her madam. Subhadra says they are rich individuals, they don’t make relations, call them Sir or madam, your uncle can get advancement assuming that they stay content with us. Durga says right, father likewise says same. Durga serves individuals as server. Subhadra grins.

Subhadra’s better half Ashish comes and meets seniors. He gets stunned seeing Durga was server. Durga says I m aiding your chief.

Subhadra enlightens her companion concerning helpless townspeople. Ashish comes to her and gets some information about Durga. Senior asks how is party. Ashish says its great.
The woman requests that Durga proceed to serve visitors that side. Senior, Chopra converses with Ashish. The woman regards Durga as servant. Subhadra attempts to act sweet. The woman goes.

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Yashpal says I need to give legitimate papers to Chopra. Monitor permits him. Durga comes to Subhadra. She says we will return home, I will not be here. Subhadra comes up with rationalization. Durga comprehends and says Bua is exceptionally awful, she lied and got me here, she conned me, she made me house cleaner. She cries and says I will not accomplish this work.

The woman reproves Durga. Durga thinks its about Ashish’s work and stays back. Yashpal meets Chopra and gives papers. Chopra says thanks to him and requests that he have food. Yashpal says no way. Chopra says no, stand by. Ashish sees Durga. He goes to Subhadra and says its cutoff, tell me did you get Durga to function as house keeper. She says I m doing this for you, assuming Yashpal knows I m making Durga a house keeper, he will break relations, I m doing this for your advancement, you are reproving me. He says don’t trick me, I know you. Durga goes to give food to Yashpal. He thinks to leave. Durga drops the plate and says sorry. The woman reproves Durga. Yashpal hears Durga’s name and stops.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 3rd January 2022:Subhadra asks what did you do Durga, where was your concentration. She tells woman she will pay for misfortune. She requests that Durga clean everything. Yashpal comes to see. The woman says you said your house keeper is great, she is clueless. Durga cleans floor. Yashpal gets stunned seeing her. The woman says its my deficiency of cash and regard. Subhadra says I will converse with her.

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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Monday 3rd January 2022:Yashpal stops Durga. Durga and Subhadra get stunned seeing him. The woman asks where are you taking her, work isn’t finished. Subhadra requests that Yashpal tune in, you have seen off-base, this is Ashish’s manager’s home, I was helping them, Durga was helping me. Yashpal asks Durga reality. He asks did Subhadra get you as servant here or not. Durga gets quiet. He keeps her hand on his head and says swear on me, say it, yes or no. Durga says Bua got me here to work. He becomes furious. Subhadra says she is misconception, will you consent to me or her. Yashpal sufficiently says, I have sent her to concentrate here, you did this with her, did you not get disgrace, you made her house keeper before everybody. Ashish looks on.

Yashpal says on the off chance that I can make you study, I can do anything for Durga. He gets back home. He gets Durga home. Everybody get stunned.


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