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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Saturday 9th January 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Saturday 9th January 2022:The Episode begins with Durga’s companions missing her. Durga comes there. They think they are seeing her. Durga grins and converses with them. They all have ice sweets. She tells about Subhadra. Manohar says Yashpal did right, I would have not left her. Durga says issues got high, father’s costs expanded, I need to effectively run in race. She says I m running in competition to get marks in investigations. The kid reminds how Yashpal slapped her when she ran in race. She says I would rather not resentful him, on the off chance that I dominate in race, I will get marks, we will be cheerful.

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Its morning, Durga prepares for school. She sits to eat. Yashpal says I have no an ideal opportunity to have food, I will drop her to school first, I will not get time to have food. Durga makes a roti roll and requests that he eat it quick. He requests that she have it.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Saturday 9th January 2022:She says you eat first. He says fine, I mixed up. She prods him and they have food. Amrita and Annapurna grin. He embraces Durga.They leave for Bhiwani. A vehicle passes by and soil falls on Yashpal. He says I can’t return home or school, I will see later. Durga requests that he fare thee well. They surge back home. He determines what occurred. He goes to change garments. A woman requests sugar and says I m going Bhiwani. Durga asks do you go there day by day. The woman says OK, I m overseeing work, let me know if you need anything. Durga inquires as to whether she can take him to transport stop day by day. He says I will take you. She requests that he support her. The woman says fine, I will take you. They grin.

Chief requests that Rajveer be cautious with his responses while conversing with Neelkant. Durga hurries to school. The watchman closes entryway. Durga enters the school by divider course. She sits considering. Peon illuminates Rajveer about Durga arriving behind schedule and considering in daylight. Rajveer says she will get sick, I will just come. He goes to Durga and asks what’s this, is there discipline or not, proceed to apologize to head, then, at that point, go to your group.

Peon tells Neelkant that Rajveer is coming, he saw Durga considering in daylight and went to take her. Dadi hacks. Sheela thinks to utilize Dadi. Neelkant and chief meet Rajveer. Neelkant says perceive how Rajveer is sending Durga to homeroom straightforwardly. Rajveer says no, I wasn’t sending her to homeroom, I advised her to apologize to head. Neelkant says its enough at this point. Chief says Durga you arrived behind schedule and can’t go to class, you need to return home. Rajveer says you are mixed up. Chief requests that he come to room. Sheela gets some information about the reports. Dadi says I m fine, I have acridity. The man cries and says Dadi has TB. Dadi gets stunned.

Dadi stresses and says now I will be no more. Sheela says let Brij get back home. Dadi asks how might you save me. Sheela figures I will not lose any cash now. Amrita requests that the man see his obligation than with nothing to do. Madhav comes and looks on. Amrita says in the event that anything happens to symbols then, at that point, fault will come on Madhav, we have issue in accomplishing our work, Madhav will lose employment assuming anything happens to icons. Amrita cleans symbols. She sees Madhav.

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He asks what occurred, for what reason are you furious. She says I would generally rather avoid anybody apathetic, my father is peon, however he worked really each day, cheating is awful in work, assuming your name ruined then, at that point. He says so what, you needed me to flee from here, for what reason do you stress for me. She says I have work and goes.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Saturday 9th January 2022:Neelkant and chief converse with Rajveer about focussing on Durga. Chief says you are offending individual educators. Neelkant says you crossed cutoff points today. Durga is stressed. Rajveer says Durga came structure a town, she doesn’t need the language, I was simply focusing on her to sharpen her abilities, she wants appropriate preparing and direction, sad to report yet I think you are irritated as Sanjay got C grade in sports, in any event, when he was missing in sports contest, I didn’t check him missing and gave him C grade, I prevented maths instructor from breaking her certainty, I was getting Durga to head’s office to make her apologize, I was dealing with her and carrying out my responsibility. Neelkant says I have seen you are halfway with regards to Durga, I won’t bear this, you are suspended from this school. Rajveer gets stunned.

Durga says awful occurs with great individuals and runs. Rajveer sees a truck coming her direction and runs. He pushes her. Madhav gets some man.

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