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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 10th January 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 10th January 2022:The Episode begins with Durga and Yashpal leaving in the transport. Durga converses with Kaki and asks do you likewise return home right now, I will return home with you consistently, father won’t have to come. Yashpal says no. Kaki says she is saying right, I came here each day, I can help. Yashpal concurs and says it will be great. Durga grins. She converses with Yashpal on the way about her expenses.

He requests that she return home, he has some work, he will come later some time. She concurs. Madhav and Amrita see the icon and stress. Madhav says this icon is phony. She gets stunned. He says its pixie for us to get the icon, how will we respond. She says relax, we ought to gripe in police and catch the cheat. The criminal places symbol in box and sends it.

Durga meets her companions and says father will send me with Chandni kaka, presently that issue.

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is finished, however primary issue is my charges. She says I wish father gets an answer for this. Yashpal sits tight for some man. The man lifts the symbol box and comes to Yashpal. They have a discussion. The man says you got occupied nowadays, let me know something, is there any bank here which has storage. Yashpal says I don’t have the foggiest idea, locals needn’t bother with storage, for what reason do you really want. The man says I m going city and need to keep gems, do you know any Seth ji. Yashpal says no. The man requests that he keep gems, as he confides in him. Yashpal says I have numerous obligations on me, apologies. The man demands and says I will pay 1000rs for consistently. Yashpal declines. The man requests that he think well, he is getting cash for help. Yashpal reviews Durga’s charges and still declines. The man says fine, as you wish. Yashpal stops the man and takes the container. The man gives him cash ahead of time and says don’t advise this to even family. Yashpal says I trust my family. The man says it will be issue for me, its about adornments, protect it. He goes.

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Madhav and Amrita stress. Madhav reviews the man’s words. Amrita says we have less time, we ought not allow this news to arrive at anybody. Madhav gets a call. She asks who is it. He says exhibition hall official, did he get news about it. The man says I have made icon arrive at where you said. The cheat turns out to be Billu. He pays the man and grin. He says Madhav was beating me as saint, presently he will not go anyplace, the symbol is protected in his home, I will sell icon and get cash, Madhav will be caught. He snickers.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 10th January 2022:Billu says who will sace Madhav now. Madhav converses with gallery official and deceives him about symbol. He lets Amrita know that they need to find cheat and icons soon. She says we will get icon criminal in next 7 days. Yashpal gets the case home and holds it under the bed. Dadi sees Yamraj and gets stunned. Yamraj requests that he accompany him and snickers. Dadi shouts. She sees Madan. She yells to Yashpal and says yamraj came to take me, I didn’t see my stupendous girl’s marriage.Yashpal asks what occurred. She says see yamraj came to take me. They generally get bewildered. Yashpal says he isn’t yamraj, relax.

Dadi says in the event that one sees yamraj, it implies individual is near death, save me. Sheela requests that she see Shilpa’s marriage dream, he is Madan. Durga says Dadi got TB. Yashpal requests that she hush up. Madan gives meds and bill. Yashpal says meds are coming for nothing from govt. Madan asks how might I know this, cash is required for TB meds. Yashpal says fine, I will pay. He checks the bill and says 3000rs. Madan fools him and says its best drugs. Sheela appeals to God for Dadi and acts. Yashpal says Brij gave cash for Durga’s expenses, give it to me for your treatment. Dadi declines. He says I organized cash for Durga’s expenses, give me cash. She says no, I won’t give. Sheela requests that she give it. Dadi requests that Durga get cash from her room. Durga gets it and provides for Dadi.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 10th January 2022:Yashpal pays cash to Madan. Madan guarantees Dadi will get fine. Durga proceeds to sit to study. She goes on patio. Her companions act and make her grin. She asks what’s happening. Her companion says we are setting up a drama for mother’s day, we will pay distinction to moms. Durga says its excessively great, I need to help my mum, I will say she is exceptionally extraordinary and I love her a ton. She grins.

Durga requests that Amrita see the crate. Yashpal gets stunned. Durga tells her concern to Rajveer. Madhav says we need to prevent official from seeing icon. Amrita says I will make due. He asks how.


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