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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Thursda 7th January 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Thursda 7th January 2022:The Episode begins with Durga tracking down a chit Shri gets some information about locale level contest preparing. Durga sees Shri and signs great. Shri sends expression of remorse note. Durga grins. Durga sends her the note back. Durga composes forget everything, the best thing is Rajveer took great class of maths instructor, who did my objection. Neelkant gripes to head about Rajveer. Chief shields Rajveer. Neelkant says Rajveer will be allowed an opportunity to legitimize his conduct, its fine on the off chance that he is correct, else it will be his last day tomorrow. Durga figures what might have occurred on the off chance that Rajveer was not here.

Shri asks Durga how can she return home. They see Subhadra. Shri embraces Subhadra. Durga goes to her. Shri sees Yashpal. He comes there and sees Subhadra. Subhadra apologizes to him. Durga requests that he converse with Durga once. Subhadra

asks him not to become furious, till when will he come here consistently. He says I can effectively instruct my girl, I will pay you for the costs you have spent on Durga.
He sees Shri and favors her. He leaves with Durga. Subhadra becomes irate and says he needs to return cash to me, when he is so poor. She sees Shri and starts dramatization. Shri goes. Subhadra gets down on her.

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Amrita makes a work of art. Somebody looks on. Amrita’s family comes and sees Amrita making painting. Sheela signs Shilpa. They get happy seeing Madhav. Madhav welcomes them. Madhav acclaims Amrita, who helped him a great deal, she buckled down. Amrita grins. Durga thinks for what reason is he acting sweet, self centered, perhaps he needs Amrita to work more. Madhav requests that Amrita show them new symbols. Amrita takes them.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Thursda 7th January 2022:Shilpa says you have done great game plans of this presentation. Amrita shows the icons to everybody. Durga grins. Madhav sees Amrita’s dupatta stalling out in the icon box. Madhav holds the dupatta and attempts to free it. Durga looks on. Shilpa comes in the middle. Durga goes to Amrita and requests that she go along. Amrita asks what occurred. Durga says Madhav is astute, he will make you work more by acting sweet. Amrita says its not at all like that. Dadi hacks and says I m inclination anxious. Sheela and Bantu grin. Sheela acts great. Everybody stress for Dadi. Durga races to get water. Madhav asks what occurred. Durga says for what reason do you ask, I m not Amrita. He grins. He goes out and gets stunned seeing Dadi. He calls specialist. Sheela considers adding some medication in Dadi’s food.

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Dadi gets conceded in medical clinic. Specialist says I did her exam, she is fine, I took blood test, I will illuminate later reports come, you can take her home. Sheela and Annapurna request that Dadi come. Sheela’s sibling comes. They all go. Sheela requests that he set the report as she is paying for it. The man says I m setting incorrectly report. She asks him not to commit error.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Thursda 7th January 2022:Subhadra converses with her companions. They get some information about servant. The woman sees Shri and requests that she get a glass of water. Subhadra looks on. She requests that Shri go higher up. Shri says I will proceed to get tea. Subhadra goes to see kitchen work. Shri requests that she leave. Subhadra says I will make due, for what reason are you not concurring. Shri asks when Durga can work, for what reason wouldn’t i be able to. She serves the tea. Plate tumbles down. Shri says I will clean it. Subhadra comes and requests that Shri go. Shri says no, I will clean. Subhadra says I will do, if it’s not too much trouble, proceed to study. Shri says no. Subhadra demands. Shri adequately says, you are feeling awful seeing me work here, when you caused Durga to accomplish the work, did you not feel sorry for her, Durga was not house keeper, she was your sibling’s little girl, assuming she can work, for what reason wouldn’t i be able to work. She goes.

Neelkant says I have seen truth, you are taken out from this school. Madhav asks the one who permitted him to get firearm. Somebody comes to take the symbol.


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