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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv, Thursday 6th January 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv ,Thursday 6th January 2022:The Episode begins with Madhav heading the occasion. The man requests the symbol. Everybody see the symbol. The man says seeing your great picture, this symbol is sent in this display, you need to deal with it now. Madhav says sure, much obliged for thinking that we are meriting. He says this is Ms. Amrita, I trust her, she will deal with this show. The man says this icon will be hanging around for 7 days, be cautious, else you should address a major cost. Madhav and Amrita guarantee him security, all things considered. The man wishes best of luck to Madhav and goes.

Amrita grins seeing Madhav and thinks about his words. Durga goes to meet educator. Educator asks her what’s this helpless imprints in Maths. Durga says I can run quicker, however don’t get maths. Educator requests that she sit and rehearse. Durga sits to rehearse.

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Rajveer inquires kids about Durga. He thinks where is she. The peon says instructor called Durga in staffroom. A hoodlum runs. Police is later him. Yashpal thinks about the cash to pay Subhadra. Criminal comes to him and says you might require cash, you need to accomplish little work, simply send this to this location. Yashpal requests that he show the things. He gets gold in it. He gets the criminal and says I m defenseless, yet I can’t swindle myself. He requests that criminal come to police. Rajveer comes to see Durga. He sees her concentrating on maths. He requests that she come for preparing. The maths educator insults Rajveer.

Rajveer acclaims the maths instructor and says he is all rounder. He prods the instructor and says you have a lot of ability, you are number one in all things. He requests that he show his ability to everybody. Sanjay, Aarti and Neelkant look on. Rajveer does pushups. Aarti says Rajveer is doing this to guard Durga.

Amrita and Madhav impact. She is sorry and cares when he gets hit. Madhav says we ought to ensure the symbols, and afterward studio will succeed, I really want you, will you support me. They shake hands. She says OK. They grin.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv ,Thursday 6th January 2022:Rajveer requests that maths educator do pushups. Maths educator neglects to do pushups. Durga snickers. Neelkant looks on. Annapurna gives cash to Yashpal. He says its Amrita’s hard income, I wil accomplish something. Rajveer clarifies maths educator that everybody has qualities and shortcomings, Durga’s solidarity is running, she won’t lose, she will venture out in front of usm she will get great number in examinations, I ensure that.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv ,Thursday 6th January 2022:Sheela converses with Shilpa. Shilpa gets Madhav’s message and grins considering him. She learns about display. Yashpal receives same message. He says we as a whole will go to support Amrita. Sheea says I got a way to exercise my arrangement. She grins.

Madhav welcomes everybody. Neelkant says this is no real way to converse with individual educators, it will be Rajveer’s last day tomorrow. Dadi swoons.


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