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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 29th March 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 29th March 2022
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 29th March 2022: The Episode begins with Durga dominating the race. Everybody gets happy and dances joyfully. Annapurna goes to Stella and tells her that she has told her Durga will win, none has the fortitude to make Durgalose. Sanjay reminds Stella of the bet and asks her how can she feel presently, does she recollect what she needs to do, she needs to apologize to Durga and furthermore shower with cow compost. Stella reviews her words.

Durga takes the cow fertilizer and doesn’t put it on, Stella. She keeps the container and says we have another forte, we treat visitors as Lord and work well for them, we don’t affront visitors. Stella stops Durga and apologizes to her.

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She says you Indians are huge hearted, I offended your mum and nation, and, after its all said and done you have excuse me, I regard India presently, pardon me. They all grin. Dadi welcomes Gayatri and insults her. She says Durga has tried sincerely and showed development, because of you, I have seen this day, I wish Lord gives you a few detects.

Gayatri believes Durga’s enthusiasm will end with her today. Durga is called to raise the banner. Durga says I believe Annapurna should raise the nation banner. Annapurna raises the banner. Everybody applauds. Des simple… ..plays… .. Durga considers Rajveer. Everybody gets blissful. Gayatri signs her men. She calls somebody and requests that he kill Durga and Rana. Everybody plays dhol and moves.

Gayatri figures Durga and Rana will lose their lives, then everybody will grieve here. The man fixes the bomb and initiates it. He goes. Everybody keep on moving. Rajveer is brought in the stopping. He inquires as to for what reason is the meeting in stopping, it ought to be in the vicinity, fine I will come.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 29th March 2022: Sarpanch says Durga has kept our regard by winning today, I will say thanks to Rana ji. Shilpa sees Sarpanch going with Rajveer. Sanjay grins seeing Durga. Gayatri sees Sanjay and lets Aarti know that everybody’s lives will change presently, none can prevent Aarti from turning into Sanjay’s lady of the hour.

She believes Durga’s grin is only for few time now. She calls the man and says Durga and Rana shouldn’t get saved, before Rana realizes I have outlined Durga in doping case, end this matter. Journalist requests that Durga accompany her for an image. Sarpanch apologizes to Rajveer and expresses gratitude toward him for preparing Durga. Yashpal lets everybody know that Durga has won and will they support Durga now. The residents consent to help Durga.

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Rajveer says correspondents are sitting tight for me. Sarpanch requests that Rajveer come, he will drop him. They talk and go to the stopping. Gayatri gets educated. The man requests that she stay away, impact will be enormous. Yashpal gets happy when everybody drones Durga’s name. Rajveer’s companion finds out about the bomb impact and gets stunned. He sees Rajveer going to the stopping and yells. He hurries to save Rana.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 29th March 2022: Sanjay searches for Durga. He slams into Rajveer’s companion. The man says somebody has kept bomb there, Rana is going there. Sanjay rushes to stop Durga. Gayatri gets leaving. Sanjay and Rana’s companion rush to save Durga and Rana. Gayatri counts down. Everybody moves in the race track region. Sanjay sees Durga and pursues her to stop. Gayatri sees Durga. She sees Rajveer with sarpanch.

Sanjay yells Durga and rushes to her. Gayatri gets stunned seeing Sanjay and yells. Impact occurs. Gayatri yells sovereign.


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