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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 4th January 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 4th January 2022:The Episode begins with Yashpal reproving Subhadra. She requests that he think about Durga’s future and schooling, you quiet down, Durga resembles my girl. Yashpal says shut up, don’t call her girl, what will I do rather than grumbling, you made her outsider. She says you are fouling up, I m instructing her, I m taking care of her food, which Bua does this in the present occasions, figure how might you get her confirmation in enormous school and pay her expenses, how might you teach her. He says she will review, her father is alive, assuming I can instruct you, I can do anything for my little girl, I will teach her in same school all alone, much obliged for the food you gave her. He takes Durga and goes.

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Madhav says I didn’t expect this from you and Sheela, you did this Amrita, disgrace on you. Shilpa awakens and says I need to recount new story.to Madhav, before he knows truth, I won’t release him. Madhav sees Amrita and is lost. Shilpa comes and says pardon me, Sheela did this with the goal that Yashpal likes you. Amrita sees Madhav. Shilpa requests that Madhav pardon her. He excuses her. He slips and holds Shilpa. He says sorry. She goes.

Shri gets some information about Durga. Ashish gets quiet. Shri asks Subhadra. Subhadra says she went to her companions to study. Shri asks which companions. Subhadra says don’t have a clue. Ashish becomes furious and adequately says, how much will you lie, I will let Shri know where is Durga, she has gone everlastingly, she went to her folks due to your mum, she deceived Yashpal that she will instruct Durga, she made her this current’s house keeper, she caused her to accomplish family work and tormented her, I have quite recently seen that, today Subhadra restricted, she made Durga a server and took to my companion’s party, she made her serve visitors and pick extra plates, Durga is a young lady. He becomes irate and goes. Shri gets stunned and sees Subhadra.

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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 4th January 2022:Yashpal returns home. Annapurna asks did you meet Durga. Durga comes. Annapurna inquires as to for what reason did her garments get ruined. Dadi gets some information about Subhadra. Sheela, Shilpa and Amrita see Durga’s server dress. Yashpal sends Durga to room, and requests that Annapurna give food to Durga. Dadi asks won’t you have food. He says no, I m not ravenous. Durga cries and embraces Annapurna. Yashpal counts cash and reviews Durga. He stresses. Annapurna says Durga is crying, what’s wrong, for what reason are you so peaceful. Yashpal says recollect a certain something, Durga will remain here. Dadi asks what occurred, tell me, call Subhadra. He says don’t converse with that narrow minded lady about my Durga. They get stunned.

Amrita asks Durga the matter. Durga becomes vexed. Amrita requests that she express what occurred. Durga says wrong occurred. Yashpal says I didn’t envision I will get cheated seriously, I indiscriminately accepted on my blood. Dadi asks how did Subhadra respond, for what reason are you furious. He cries and says Subhadra kept Durga as house cleaner there. They generally get stunned. He says she caused Durga to accomplish family work, she tormented Durga, today she crossed cutoff points, she accepting Durga as server in Ashish’s supervisor’s party. Dadi embraces him. They all cry. Sheela looks on and grins.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Tuesday 4th January 2022:Dadi cries and says Subhadra had no disgrace to do this. Sheela thinks Subhadra is in front of me. Amrita asks Durga for what reason did you not tell me. Madhav comes and hears them. Durga says you were managing your distress. Amrita says you ought to have told me. Durga says I thought to review in enormous school, presently Yashpal will not send me. Yashpal says I won’t send Durga, did I request that Subhadra help me, for what reason did she made my little girl a house cleaner. Dadi and Annapurna cry. He says I can instruct Durga all alone, she will remain in Bhiwani school.

Madhav requests that everybody save their cell phones for the sake of security. Rajveer calls to be aware of Durga. Durga says Rajveer would be sitting tight for me.



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