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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Wednesday 5th January 2022

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Sunday 6th February 2022:
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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Wednesday 5th January 2022:The Episode begins with Yashpal saying I will instruct Durga in same school. Dadi says Durga will remain with us, relax. Durga comes and embraces Yashpal. Yashpal wipes her tears and says you had been solid and showed mental fortitude to satisfy my fantasies, I m pleased with you, you have shown desirous individuals that you are my girl. Durga says I m ongoing to remain there. He says no, you will remain here with us, you will concentrate in that Bhiwani school, this is my guarantee. She embraces him. Amrita says OK, presently I likewise procure, I won’t allow anything less to occur.

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Dadi says Brij will likewise help Durga. Amrita says you will remain with us and embraces Durga. Sheela says we should be visible asking on streets, I won’t sit calm now, I won’t allow this to get destroyed. Durga goes to get food. Annapurna says I would have made your fav food on the off chance that I realized you are coming. Durga and Madhav contend for food. Amrita comes and sees them. She grins.

Madhav says Amrita is giving you great preparing to contend. Annapurna gives them food. Madhav eats with them. Durga eats full stomach and says I m substance now. Yashpal asks did Subhadra not give you food. Durga says no, I didn’t imply that. Yashpal goes.

Durga stresses and converses with Amrita. Amrita asks the matter. Rajveer thinks to call Durga’s home and realize the reason why did she get back home. Yashpal requests that Durga prepare for school. Ashish and Shri get Durga’s assets. Durga runs and embraces Shri. Ashish welcomes everybody and gives Durga’s sack to Yashpal. He is sorry to Yashpal. Yashpal says Durga let me know how you dealt with her, I ought to thank you, don’t apologize. He embraces Ashish. He says I planned to drop Durga to school, I disappeared today. Shri says Durga can accompany us. Ashish says OK, I will drop her. Yashpal concurs.

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My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Wednesday 5th January 2022: Durga prepares and goes to class. Rajveer asks her where was she. She says I went to my town, we need to work on something for preparing. Rajveer requests that Durga and Aarti proceed to meet legal administrators. Aarti grins. Chief invites legal administrator Neelkant. He presents Durga and Aarti. Neelkant compliments Durga. He says now you will address our school to region level, its difficult. Aarti says obviously uncle, you realize I don’t mess with any contest. Durga says I will buckle down, this race is connected with my father’s fantasies. He says great, I called you here to give my all the best, so good luck. Durga and Aarti say thanks to him.

My Daughter Durga On Adom tv Wednesday 5th January 2022:Sanjay plays football and falls. Durga snickers and says his days are terrible, he is gone today. Neelkant requests that Sanjay be cautious, I want to believe that you are not do any harm, children ought to observe school’s guidelines. Sanjay says OK, sorry Papa. Durga says he is legal administrator’s child. Neelkant asks Sanjay for what valid reason so awful execution in sports. Aarti comes there and agrees with Sanjay’s stance. She says Rajveer is only focussing on Durga, he upholds her, so Durga has won. Neelkant asks is this valid. Sanjay sees Durga and thinks to lie. He says OK, this occurs. Neelkant says I need to meet Rajveer. Madhav requests that everybody store their cell phones for the sake of security. Amrita keeps her telephone.

The man requests that Madhav deal with symbol. Police comes to Yashpal.


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